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New App Idea?

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  1. PuffOnTop

    PuffOnTop New Member

    The world in your phone

    Somehow have an app where you take pictures with that app, and once its taken its saved to that location. if you have the viewfinder open and are walking around in the same location the picture/person shows up. if more then one picture has been taken it would be sorted by date. im guessing if you had it open on times square or something the amount of images would be overpowering each other. Just the fact that you could walk around looking through your phones camera (on screen) your city or mall, where ever you may be and just see a moment captured as if you were there with them.

  2. fraul

    fraul Member

    is this like the at&t commercial that aired a few months back?
    I had a similar thought, but there was one app that did it similarly, it just failed due to the unreliability of the pictures taken, on top of that no one used it. without proper funding or advertisements, this app would be rejected again and again. but really what use is this app? another facebook/twitter? in the commercials it's sent to a specific person, but why not just send a picture or just a text in the same way? Maybe this ideal will show up again, but for what it's worth, until google glass(es) is worked through to a wearable standpoint, the app is virtually useless. Please argue your point! i'd love to hear a good use for it.
  3. fraul

    fraul Member

    Anyone have a suggestion of how to go at making this app?
  4. llatch

    llatch Well-Known Member

    I think google earth does this!

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