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  1. manderin87

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  2. xmr405o

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    Hi Manderin

    So this game is only for the galaxy tabs? Or can other tablet users play your game? Looks cool btw.

    I'm gonna move this to the application announcements. Thank you.
  3. manderin87

    manderin87 Member

    Yes for now, only for tablets, but i am in the process of working in phone screen sizes, its a fairly large play area.
  4. manderin87

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  5. manderin87

    manderin87 Member

    Now available for screens 480x800 or higher.
  6. manderin87

    manderin87 Member

    Updated to version 1.13

    Added Runing lights to ship
    Added Hit animation
    Adjusted asteroid spawn rates
    Added Shot Counter to weapon power up indicator
    Added engine, hull and shield component upgrade indictors
    Added 52 power-ups
    Added 5 bullet types
    Bullets now do damage to asteroids and some asteroids may have to be hit more than once to be destroyed
    Larger metallic asteroids are harder to destroy
    Changed Power Up graphics
    Added winter holiday snowflake asteroids
    Added 6 additional asteroids

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