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New App: Shopulator (shopping list with item costs/totals)

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  1. Beanbit

    Beanbit New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 14, 2009
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    A new app called Shopulator has just been released to the Android Market... It's basically a shopping list application that calculates the total of your list as you shop. I'm the developer of the application, so please feel free to leave feedback here. I've always wanted a way to help stick to my shopping budget, which is why I made it. Hopefully you find it useful, too!

    Screenshots are available at the Beanbit website: http://www.beanbit.com

    Shopulator is "donationware" -- free to download and use, but if you really like it, please show your support by donating at http://www.beanbit.com/donate



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