New Aria couple of questions

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  1. Durtydawg

    Durtydawg Member

    Is there an app or way to put the power on off button on home screen?
    Is there a way to lock the screen with out pushing power button? A shortcut to lock screen maybe.

    Sorry total noob to droid basic features on my old tilt so I am sure its possible I just cant find them.

  2. TopDog1941

    TopDog1941 New Member

    Hi Durtydawg,

    My Aria is new too (about a month). I just set the Screen Time-out for one minute. It closes down and locks the screen then. I also had a tilt before. It used to make "pocket-calls" but my Aria never has.

  3. Durtydawg

    Durtydawg Member

    Thanks top dog, now how about a way of waking it up without power button?

    Yeah did a lot of butt dialing with my tilt before I finnaly got s2u2.
    And I see I may have posted in the wrong place as well since mines not rooted.
  4. duckredbeard

    duckredbeard Member

    Look into an app called Tasker. It can do what you want. You can set it to kill the phone app and lock the screen at the end of a call. You can set it to activate GPS anytime you open an app associated with Navigation. You can set it to activate WiFi anytime you open your browser. I have a setting that turns on the desk clock anytime the USB power is connected and I hold the phone horizontally between the hours of 4pm and 10pm on even numbered days of months without an R. Yes, you can do that with Tasker.
  5. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    You may also want to look for a program called No Lock. This will allow the phone to sleep, but can then be awakened with the volume keys or the optical button.



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