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  1. falcon1209

    falcon1209 Member

    Hello Android Forum community!

    Just got my Aria less than an hour ago. The sales person gave me a new sim card. She told me I could transfer SIM contacts later. Well, putting my old SIM in to copy them over results in "SIM not provisioned MM 2" error and nothing displayed on the people import menu. I made sure SIM and SD contacts were checked in the display menu.

    • Do I need to talk to AT&T for an hour or two playing leapfrog with my sim cards to get it back?
    • Or is there even an advantage to having a brand new 3g sim card over my 4 year old one?
    • If not should I just stick with my old one?
    • Nevermind, AT&T insisted that there was no way to activate my old SIM. Any way to hard transfer these contacts without the sim being active? That's really my only hope here otherwise I'm going to be short a lot of contact information.
    Thanks guys n gals!

  2. artvandalay22222

    artvandalay22222 Well-Known Member

    What kind of phone did you have before? Im assuming you had a much older phone and the sim is not compataible, thus the error.

    try putting sim back in old phone and synching the contacts to windows or gmail, then put sim back in aria and synch to to it.

    Hope that helps. sorry about your troubles
  3. falcon1209

    falcon1209 Member

    Had a Motorola Razr V3xx from Cingular originally.

    Sims seem similar. 3g etc etc.

    Ill see if I can read the contacts from an old phone from my brother or friends or something.

    My Razr's main LCD screen is broken. :(
  4. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Well-Known Member

    Have you checked to see if you contacts were also saved on your old phone?? Take your phone to a Best Buy or AT&T store and have them check to see if they can hook it up to their transfer machine and do it for you.
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  5. falcon1209

    falcon1209 Member

    Yeah, I just realized I think they are all on the internal phone memory. Which sucks because its broken. Ill take it to BB or AT&T, and have em do it. They're on the same block anyways :D

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