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  1. funmonk01

    funmonk01 Member

    Hi folks. Can anyone recommend a battery for my legend that is not the stock HTC battery. One that would potentially give me a little more battery life.


  2. KarVi

    KarVi Member

    I have good experiences with Mugen Powers 1800mAH battery for Legend.
  3. Sarahnya

    Sarahnya Active Member

    Karvi, how much long do you find it lasts as I'm thinking of getting one?
  4. KarVi

    KarVi Member

    For my use, it lasts 3-4 days.

    I'm not a heavy user, but do check e-mails, facebook, SMS's, use it for calls, and such things daily.

    I very seldom have less than 3 days on a charge, and have had up to 5 days between charges.

    The times are much better than with the original battery.

    I found that following the recommendations from Mugen, regarding charging the battery when its completely new, helped a _lot_.
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