New Devour from Verizon has Android OS 1.6General

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  1. OlPaint01

    OlPaint01 New Member

    I just purchased Motorola Devour from Verizon Wireless. I tryed to download several apps from Android Market only to discover that my Devour has OS 1.6 not the current OS 2.x. Of course the apps will not install. Did I buy a dead-end smartphone or can we anticipate a OS upgrade from Verizon?


  2. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    By no means is the Devour "new" and yes, it is a dead end device. Welcome to the worst Android smartphone you've ever owned.

    If you still have the chance, get out. Go back to Verizon and try to make an exchange for a new phone.

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