New Download Links for BH_MAN's Take5 rom and R12 rom ( links in d older posts are no more valid )

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  1. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

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  2. dlamber7

    dlamber7 Well-Known Member

    Not to be rude to you, but BH_Man took down the links because he finished supporting the device.
  3. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

    dats fine, but people still need his roms, like i myself need dem but when clicked on dem dey were invalid i found the r12 rom wid a great difficulty from a Chinese website, and contacted BH_MAN personally for his take5 rom, but he is no more having dese rom and referred me to his frnd who gave me the take5 rom, yesterday i guy from this forum contacted me for the r12 rom and i gave him people need these roms..for this reason i created this thread...
  4. thaihanhnguyen

    thaihanhnguyen New Member

    Thank you for sharing this for those who need it!
  5. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Have you asked bhman/Eugene if you can distribute his work? If so, great work! If not, ask please...
  6. TheKrell

    TheKrell Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to understand Eugene's take-down. He's not irate at Samsung (as I think he should be) because he's still developing for other Samsung phones. (For contrast, I'm not just boycotting Samsung phones, I'm boycotting everything Samsung makes!) I can understand he's given up on the Behold 2. But to *&^%-can his own rather impressive body of work for the BH2 accomplishes nothing. It doesn't give him his life back. It doesn't save him any money going forward. It only hurts those of us still struggling with our BH2.

    Is he specifically mad at the members of this forum? Yeah, we maybe didn't give him much technical support. But we did come through with a new laptop disk when his crumped (and yes, I personally contributed), and many of us (myself included) were offering him our BH2 on which to continue developing, since he earlier got rid of his own. So, I think we're not such a bad group, and I remain puzzled.

    Perhaps I figured it out. Cincinnati Bell. :p
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  7. JayRulen

    JayRulen Member

    Thanks Alot for These links =) btw is there any update on the take5 rom like kennel update ?

    god wish sum one would get 2.1 on behold 2 =)
  8. dlamber7

    dlamber7 Well-Known Member

    Did you ask Eugene if you can post his work up? If you can distribute his roms?
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  9. apicia

    apicia Member

  10. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

  11. Pir8Man

    Pir8Man New Member

    thanks !
  12. Greenzone560

    Greenzone560 Member

    OMG :D I finally found the r12 :') I love you man..
  13. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

  14. Eugene373

    Eugene373 Member

    thank you for reposting these :)

    regarding the take down of the recoveries + kernel / Rom's

    I took nothing down.... when megaupload got took down, so did all my "legal" files. I no longer had most this stuff due to deleting & with out links to the work the thread was invalid.

    it was until I took down the threads people started asking about the rom's

  15. escondidohiker

    escondidohiker New Member

    BH_Man aka Eugene is alive ?! I didn't know where to post this because I thought nobody has looked at a BH2 forum in at least a year but it looks like Eugene may have logged in here recently !

    I have an almost new Behold 2 that has been sitting around for almost 2 years, unused. Of course when I went to list it on Ebay, and turned on the phone, the problems started with constant modem crashes. So, I figured, it's got no warranty, lets try a new ROM. Flashed BH Man's 1.6. Booted with little problem. One or two more versions, little problems booting or getting in to the ! recovery modes. The phone did crash a lot on each of these, usually rebooting itself or turning itself off, but it may have had something to do with the battery. Then I flashed R11 which replaced Recovery with CWM. This very was the most stable OS but still required me to reset, which worked a few times, but after one of them, the phone never went back in to CWR. Since then, it boots and in the upper left hand screen it says 'recovery mode' and then the Samsung BH2 logo pops up and that's all she wrote. Never goes beyond that. I've tried reflashing with R11, R12 R10, R1, Take 5. I can get in to download mode and flash all day long, but there's some kind of problem where the phone never actually boots the kernel or never actually enters recovery. Actually, the phone goes in to recovery anyway even if you just turn it on without doing a reset. I was hoping flashing over again would rewrite the boot and recovery, which most of the versions say they're doing and say went ok, but it hasn't fixed the problem.

    Has anybody got an idea where I might go from here ? Trash can ?

    Also, it would be very helpful and educational for most people here not of the developer level if a knowledgeable person could describe how many and what types of partitions are on a typical android phone and what the boot process/order is. What gets loaded in what order from start to finish. I've searched for this and have never found anything close. I am familiar with Linux but haven't messed with cell phones much at all.

  16. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

    Try flashing back to stock and if it reboots into recovery press menu(I think) and reset it there and it will most likely work.
  17. escondidohiker

    escondidohiker New Member

    Thanks.. I've tried R0 of 1.6 and also - download free - 1, which is supposedly 1.5 stock. Nothing changed. It's not really going all the way in to recovery mode from what I can tell, just starts up with the message 'recovery mode' but never gets to the recovery menu or the (!).
  18. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

    no there isnt any 2.1 update for behold 2....
  19. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

    the pleasure is all mine sir....

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