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New Droid Incredible 2 ownerGeneral

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  1. micahdiablo

    micahdiablo Well-Known Member

    I am not sure if i will be keeping this phone. I just got it like 3 hours ago from Best buy.

    I am coming from a HTC One V on Virgin Mobile and it is a bit....different.

    Sense 4.0 and ICS on the ONE V vs Gingerbread on the Droid Incredible 2

    I do like it....8 megapixel camera with a 1.3 Webcam vs 5 megapixel on the One V and no webcam

    My question is

    1. Which sense version does the Droid Inc 2 use? I thought Verion was supposed to release Sense 3.0/3.5 for it?
    2. What is the most recent OS version? When i got the phone it wanted me to download an OTA software update and now it says i have 2.3.4
    3. Any glaring issues that i should look out for?

    Like i said i probably won't be keeping it...I sort of don't care about ICS but at the same time i have been used to using it and it is weird using gingerbread.

    Are there any good verizon phones out that are better than this?

    I was looking att
    1. Droid Razr
    2. Galaxy Nexus
    3. HTC rezound
    4. LG Lucid

    Idk alot about verizon phones. I have been using the ONE V for about 3 weeks and before that T-mobile so idk what phones on Verizon are good.

  2. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    This phone is a great phone! HTC has stated that they are releasing ICS for this phone and the thought on the update is that Verizon is the holdup right now.

    I believe the OTA Sense version is 2.x and I am not completely sure on the software version, but know that OTA is still GB.

    I never had any issues running stock OTA and rooted because I am all about customizing my phone!

    I am rooted and running UKB 2.1 which is ICS with Sense 4 Full and love it. The version of UKB I am running is a port from the One X and there is a One V version as well, for now.

    There will always be a better Android phone than the one you get because there are always newer and better phones being made. That is a "downside" to Android, but at the same time is wonderful for innovation and improvement.

    Just some info for you and if you don't like the phone, I know that you will find one you will like.

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  3. micahdiablo

    micahdiablo Well-Known Member

    Appreciated kratos :)
  4. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    The Inc2 is a dying device, if you just got it, I would take it back unless you love it, which you obviously don't.

    You might like the HTC Incredible 4G though (didn't see it in your list), it has all the features you are looking for and all the "4's" too... 4" display, Sense 4, Android 4 ICS... This device is quite on par with most things compared to the One V but with a better camera!

    The Razr has a horrible screen, and is just cludgy (from a fellow HTC user), if it is a Razr Maxx the battery life might be worth it though. Some of the new Motorolas just announced the other day look nice, but not much is known about they will stand up.

    The HTC Rezound is an amazing phone (I have two of them), but the battery life is lacking somewhat, the screen is still one of the best available and the radios are top notch, add a extended battery and scoff at others with your awesomeness! *** sorry, got carried away there

    The Galaxy Nexus is decent, know lots of people who have it and like it, but very few people who really love it... it's display is poor and the radios are marginal, but if you are a tweaker, developer, or flashaholic you will love the openness, and genericness of this device.

    The LG... well what can I say about that... try it for while, if you like it you are one of the few. It's specs are pretty good, but the implementation seems lacking and cludgy, and the positioning of the ports is annoying. We have a couple people at work with them, not much bad stuff, but not much good to say either.

    Also, don't count out the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is a solid performer with good battery life... I know a few people who have them and they absolutely love them.
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  5. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately there's no word about ICS with new version of Sense for the Inc 2 - it may never come. I've had the Inc 2 since it was released and it's been very reliable. The lack of LTE in the phone was irrelevant then since they said it wasn't coming to my area for at least a year. It's here now though, and so the phone is obsolete in that regard. I also find the Inc 2 just too slow at this point, but there are no glaring issues/deal breakers.

    Regarding better phones, the Inc 4G is currently available, but the Razr M is going to be released in less than a week for $99 + 2 year contract. The specs for the "M" are stronger than the Inc 4G in every category. In a few days you can check one out in your local Verizon store.
  6. micahdiablo

    micahdiablo Well-Known Member

    Okay thanks everyone. Payday isn't till Friday so I'm going to test drive the dinc2

    I have to say though.
    I love the sense keyboard on the dinc2 vs on the one v. The keys are much easier to press and the extra screen size is gold for me.

    So between the rezound and the inc 4g.....which is the better buy?

    I may wind up keeping the incredible2. It's not a bad phone for me and the camera is very nice.
  7. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    Again I'd say lay hands on them in a store - using a phone is very tactile experience. It's easy enough to compare the specs, but that's all abstract. You could also have a look in the dedicated forums for both phones to get a sense of the issues they have (there are always issues) and see if that helps you decide.
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  8. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Here is my advice from someone who has owned both the Rezound and the Inc2... If you can give up some battery life or are willing to go extended battery, the Rezound is the clear winner over the Inc2 in all regards, UNLESS you like the Inc2. Like victek said, it is very tactile and each user has a preference, just numbers don't always give you the answer.

    - Rezound has a bigger 4.3" screen, and one of the best displays of any phone ever made, but not everyone likes a bigger phone.
    - Incredible 2 has better battery life, although I would still recommend an extended battery
    - Rezound has ICS, the jury is still out on if the Inc2 will ever get it
    - Rezound comes with iBeats headphones, if you don't like them, sell them and easily make up the cost of the phone!
    - Rezound has a faster processor and more memory, not everyone likes... wait, nevermind.

    Both devices had great radios and the user interfaces are smooth and fluid, there are tons of cases and accessories out there for both devices.

    But, I don't think you should be comparing the Rezound vs Inc2 unless you really like the Inc2, you should be comparing the Rezound against devices it is more comparable with:

    Rezound vs. Galaxy Nexus
    Rezound vs. HTC Incredible 4G
    Rezound vs. Razr Maxx (or the new HD versions)

    As far as keyboard goes, remember there are tons of keyboards available in the Play Store, and when I switched to a Samsung for a while I really missed my HTC keyboard but found Perfect Keyboard Pro and with a little tweaking had it appearing and acting like the HTC keyboard.

    The Rezound was a device slightly ahead of it's time, and the firmware is just catching up to the hardware, but having the best screen and radios a generation before everyone else has a cost, and it is battery life... do not expect more than 2.5 hours (give or take an hour) of screen on time on a standard battery with excellent signal strength, if your signal is poor, expect that number to drop quickly, this is why almost everyone recommends the extended battery with the Rezound.

    If I was going to buy a new device TODAY from Verizon, I would only be looking at a few choices, the Rezound, Motorola Razr Maxx, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC Incredible 4G. The Incredible 2 would not even be on my radar as a choice.

    My general advice is to try out every phone they have available, spend a lot of time with each device to get to know it a little bit... Always buy the best you can afford in a device, don't skimp on the device itself, most people who do regret it later since you are generally locked in to it for two years, and the cost of the device itself is very minor if you figure it over 2 years and how much people actually use their phones.

    (Sorry for the long read, kinda got carried away)
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  9. micahdiablo

    micahdiablo Well-Known Member

    Thanks ace :)

    It's a good phone but it reminds me of a bigger Droid Eris I had played with awhile back.

    Spent some time yesterday and o definitely love the razr, galaxy nexus and rezound. Still have no idea which I want lol.
  10. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    It is way more than a bigger Eris, but all phones with Sense seem to be pretty similar... A little known feature that makes me love HTC over the other brands is it's embedded Call Block feature on a per user basis, I occasionally need to stop certain people from calling me for various reasons for a short time, turning on this feature in the Contact's entry auto rejects any call they make to you without ringing your phone at all! (No one ever mentions this, but it is one of my favorite features and only HTC's has it)

    Pick the one you like the best, plain and simple, but I can tell you most people in my office that got the Razr don't like the screen or call quality and wish they had gotten a Razr Maxx, the screen is no better but call quality seems better (odd) and the battery life is amazing. The Nexus is a weird thing, the people that I know that have it like it because it is always up to date and is open to flashing, custom roms, etc... but they all think the Rezound has a better, but slightly smaller, screen and the signal reception is fairly mediocare on the Nexus compared to the Rezound, but if you live in area of signal coverage, it might not matter.

    Final words, before I ramble on again, Razr Maxx (not plain Razr), Rezound/Inc4G, or Samsung Galaxy S3... You would probably be happy with any of them.
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