New Droid Owner - Duplicate Gmail Accts & Other Bugs - Please Help

  1. KBoy420

    KBoy420 Active Member

    Hi All,

    Brand new Verizon Droid 4 owner (gave up my CrackBerry). I like what I see with the Droid 4 so far, but I'm having some major issues...

    1st phone I got had major battery issues - wouldn't stay charged more than 6 hours (wifi off, switched from 4g to 3g, display turned ay down, no social feed auto update, etc.). Went back to Verizon store, they gave me replacement phone. Now I have duplicate gmail accounts and my messages are coming in twice - messages under "Email" App and also showing up in notification slide-down bar at top - but I can't find where they actually are.

    2nd issue is that I'm having numerous apps locking up and having to be forced closed. Also, the slideout keybaord doesn't always work in text fields. I've had to restart the phone several times to get the keyboard to reinitialize or whatever.

    So, I'm going to factory restory when I get home and make sure I get everything set up correctly. Can anyone tell me the best way to set up the phone from scratch? Do I configure a Gmail account first and then configure Gmail email, or is Gmail email auto configured when you configure a Gmail account?

    Also, has anyone run into the issues with having to force close stuck apps and keyboard not working?

    I'm hiping I didn't get another bum phone from Verizon. This experience is ruining the taste I have for Droid. Please help a Droid newb!!



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