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  1. Ra21V12eN

    Ra21V12eN Active Member

    My wife has been a long time BB user and I've convinced her to move to a Droid... she's having buyers remorse right now and may take it back for another BB... :(

    I currently have a Droid Eris and have found that there are some basic things not working correctly in my opinion on her far superior Droid phone.

    For example:

    1. When someone calls her phone, it doesn't show the caller ID. It just shows the pattern to unlock which answers the phone. My Eris gives a caller ID. I went to go set that preference and it turned on the voice, not just the display of the caller ID
    I would assume that a factory reset is in order...

    We exclusively use Outlook as our e-mail client at home for e-mail and family calendar and she used to very easily sync it with her BB. I've found the Google Calendar Sync, but how do we sync contacts from Outlook to the Droid Pro? I found some other tool, but it doesn't appear to be working as none of the Outlook contacts are coming across for her.


    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


  2. Ra21V12eN

    Ra21V12eN Active Member

    Oops... one other thing that wasn't working and I've already solved...

    When the primary GMail account got setup, it wouldn't sync the calendar. Added my GMail account which then allowed me to select calendar and cancelled it before it actually connected.

    Went back to her GMail setup and Calendar was an option...

    What causes these kind of silly errors?

  3. Ra21V12eN

    Ra21V12eN Active Member

    Nobody can tell me what the normal caller ID looks like on their phone?
  4. HookEmHorns*UT*

    HookEmHorns*UT* Well-Known Member

    My wifes shows the picture of the contact and the name of the contact.
  5. Bert336

    Bert336 Well-Known Member

    I don't use a pattern lock so i cant help you there. the Outlook email contact should automatically sync up to download contacts. If that's not working for you then you can connect the blackberry she had (if its WiFi) and go to Google sync, upload all of her contacts to Google, then reconnect the Google account or re-sync the droid with that same Google account. Once that's done, all of her contacts will be stored into Google. That's about all i can tell you, i had to move from a DX to a droid Pro since i had to sell my DX... the Pro is not the greatest phone but its not the worst. I am anxiously waiting for the Bionic though :)
  6. Ra21V12eN

    Ra21V12eN Active Member


    When my wife's phone rings, you hear the tone, but no picture on the screen appears. If you slide the unlock icon, you answer the phone... so you can't choose to answer or not like I can with my Eris....

    I'm thinking I need to do a Factory Reset on the phone and then get it re-synced back up. She's gonna be pi$$ed as she's not really liking the phone. If she had the option to keep her old BB, she would have.


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