New Droid X Purchasers: Beware of the Pull Tab! (voids warranty?)

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  1. Trojita

    Trojita Active Member

    When you receive your Droid X and are about to put the battery into the back you will see a tab telling you to pull it. You will not find it mentioned anywhere in the instructions and its presence is an oddity.


    It is supposed to help you get the battery out when you have it in. If you pull the whole thing like indicated the backing will completely rip out.

  2. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Well-Known Member

  3. Clittzen

    Clittzen Well-Known Member

    Lol. I freaked out when I saw that too to be honest.
  4. Azaka

    Azaka Member

    I actually did that and just now put it back in lol. Unless you throw it away you'll be fine.
  5. teeno

    teeno Well-Known Member

    LOL!. my lil bro was pulling on it. i was like what are u doing? he said "it said to pull it" hahahahaha.
  6. Naughty#9

    Naughty#9 Active Member

    i gave it an inquisitive tug, then realized what it was for. poorly labeled for sure.
  7. backwater

    backwater Well-Known Member

    seems like i'm the only idiot who actually pulled it off AND threw it away. i made a thread yesterday asking if there's any other way to get the battery out, i just had to pry it out. for anyone else that did this, someone said to put a doubled up piece of tape in to replace the tab and leave a bit of adhesive on the battery so you can pull it out. i did this and it works.
  8. tbert

    tbert Well-Known Member

    Maybe you can return it and claim the phone was missing the tab.
  9. mikeyfl

    mikeyfl Well-Known Member

    i pulled it and my droid farted.
  10. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    I pulled it out. :( lol My phone is running fine though. When I first say that I was like "Pull it? Okay!... Hmm... this is kind of difficult... need just one big yank!"
  11. backwater

    backwater Well-Known Member

    i was actually thinking of that but i'm not sure if it would be worth the trouble. does anyone know if the absence of the plastic sheet could cause any problems with the phone/battery? i'm guessing it won't.
  12. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Well-Known Member

    No you will be fine. Its just to help get the battery out lol. I hope its not a secret self-destruct detonator!
  13. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    ... maybe it's the passageway to root!
  14. kstuffer

    kstuffer Well-Known Member

    so.... if i hypothetically pulled it out. could it cause problems?

  15. nevergonnauseth

    nevergonnauseth Well-Known Member

    ^its just a way to get the battery out without shaking it like a drunk chick at a club
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  16. Big_Meech

    Big_Meech Member

    How exactly did you pull the battery out without the tab? I kept it, because I don't throw away stuff immediately and lucky I didn't. If you could shoot me a PM/Thread I'd appreciate it.
  17. nevergonnauseth

    nevergonnauseth Well-Known Member

    just use leverage. take a pen or a key and just push at the battery while moving up. oh and dont mess anything up. you could just flip the phone upside down and smack the screen like your trying to get ketchup out of a brand new catsup bottle
  18. backwater

    backwater Well-Known Member

    I used the staple remover of a mini stapler. sort of like this (the little plastic part sticking out on the back) but it's metal.
  19. jenc414

    jenc414 Member

    You were not the only idiot!!! I did the same thing with TWO (my husbands and mine) Luckily I didn't throw them away so I pried the battery out and put those babies back in...When I say pry, I mean I pried! I felt totally stupid- but what I saw was pull do not cut. hahahaha!!! joke was on me!:p
  20. Motorola

    Motorola Active Member

    LOL I almost pulled mine fully out. I started to pull it and was like hmmm.. this doesnt seem right, so I pushed it back down. I googled the question "should I pull tab on battery for Droid X" and it linked to a thread on this forum lol.
  21. Ru83n

    Ru83n Well-Known Member

    this is funny lol i kinda guessed what it was for but then when i put the battery in i knew for sure it was what i though, glad i didn't pull it lol
  22. 5murphy7

    5murphy7 Member

    The freaking tab says "pull" but it also says "do not cut". Seemed obvious to me...considering almost everything with a battery has a pull tab very similar. :(

    Though I can see how during the excitment of the new device, it can get missunderstood. If not read.
  23. Theibault

    Theibault Well-Known Member

    I could see this coming. If you did remove yours, fear not. A business card can be wedged in to help get your batt out. Also, use the tape method metioned above.
  24. dB Zac

    dB Zac Well-Known Member

  25. ctxx24

    ctxx24 Well-Known Member

    it said pull so i pulled oh well....

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