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  1. Tawny8181

    Tawny8181 New Member

    This is my 3rd new droid in 3the years yay i love em but this is my fav except.... ok so i was tryna download pandora radio off market and even tried 2 other similar apps. They keep saying downloading for hrs but never do miss my radio apps plz

  2. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Not sure why Pandora or similar apps will not download, but did you know that your Electrify has a built-in internet radio app. Might be worth trying. I use mine all the time. Apps>Music>Internet radio.
  3. Tawny8181

    Tawny8181 New Member

    I just realized i cant download anything from market at all i mean last week it was fine now nothing. Ive rebooted a few times. Ya know pulled out battery. Idk whata goin on but i dont like this
  4. Tawny8181

    Tawny8181 New Member

    Oh yeah and the one in the phone i dont care for it only a few channels and they dont play what i like :( i forgot to mention that a min ago
  5. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    You may need to do a factory reset, but before doing that I'd give US Cellular a call, or stop in to a USCC store and let the tech help you.
  6. jknutter

    jknutter Member

    Sounds like you have the data saver on. Go to settings> Battery & Data Manager > Data saver. If the data saver is on you will not be able to download anything unless you are connected with WIFI.

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