New EVO Desktop Charger for EVO!!

  1. DroidATX

    DroidATX Member

    New desktop charger for EVO!

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  2. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    Link, fool! :)
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  3. DarkNeo

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  4. Divine_Madcat

    Divine_Madcat Well-Known Member

  5. DroidATX

    DroidATX Member

    Man, I really hope not. I am waiting on this and their car dock.
  6. RestivoBC

    RestivoBC Well-Known Member

    I really like the disclaimer on their product page:

    "Pictures depicted are not an actual representation of the product and are for illustration purposes only; actual products may vary. Device is not included."

    What does it look like then?
  7. indyj1902

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  8. docprego

    docprego Well-Known Member

    Photo on their site seems to show the EVO in a case in the charger. Yet their page doesn't mention any case compatibility. Can anyone tell if that's an Innocase in the photo?
  9. keyholeSecrets

    keyholeSecrets Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty nice from the "illustration". Would be great if it came with a section to charge a spare battery

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