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New EVO Owners: Please Report Your Build Quality

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  1. gear.h34d.2012

    gear.h34d.2012 Well-Known Member

    Purchased from Radio Shack on 6/11. HW 0002

    -Slight light leakage under four navigation buttons.
    -(Screen slightly lifted down there but I'll be darned if particles won't have to be TINY to get in there.

    -Battery cover not completely flush. (My LARGEST peeve ever.)

    Other than that, this baby is a monster.

  2. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Well-Known Member

    Bestbuy, California.. picked it up at 10am on 6/4
    Hardware version 2.

    No real issues that I can see. Battery life is good unless I am streaming. Does better then my friends Droid.

    Battery cover is solid, was hard to get off at first, now its easy but not loose.

    Only issue is Pandora locking up. Happens at work occationally while streaming to Bluetooth headphones and walking in and out of range.

    Sent from my evo
  3. georges326

    georges326 New Member

    HW 0003...received 6/10 from order with Telesales.....good battery/no light leakage/no raised face...enjoying so far.
  4. shikem

    shikem Well-Known Member

    Mine was purchased on 6/11 at a Sprint store and is seemingly perfect.
  5. ndfan4u

    ndfan4u Well-Known Member

  6. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Radio Shack
    South Carolina
    Launch Day
    Screen separation, can see it move when you press the glass
    light from all 4 buttons
    never used the headphone jack, BT only
    wifi icon issue (signal is fantastic)
    no grounding issues
    no dust
    very mild multitouch issue
    reboot issue only happened 2 days, one day 4 times though
    front camera works good
    kickstand not squeaky
    no dead pixels
    speaker sounds great
    battery lasts 6-15 hours with mild use/not charging overnight
    battery lasts 2-5 hours with 90% usage, multiple antennas turned on and off repeatedly

    Android battery time today...
    6hr 27 mins
    28% battery life remaining
    maps 87% (have not opened any map app in 2 days, no idea what is going on here, battery has been removed and replaced since last time any mapping software was used)
    CPU total:39s
    Data Sent 25.66KB
    Data received 16.14KB
    android system 5%
    cell standby 4%
    phone idle 2%
    display 2%

    considering replacing my phone between days 26 and 30, if a HW004 shows up. mostly depends on the development of any other issues. I have blogged some things about the Evo, complete with pics taken and video at high and low resolution. you can read it here...

    Joel Perry Productions
  7. parkson

    parkson Member

    Hardware build 0003
    only a few hours old. So far phone quality looks good. Camera takes amazing pictures! I'll report back after the weekend.

  8. gmanvbva

    gmanvbva Active Member

    Hw 0003

    No light leakage.
    Bottom is flush/slightly recessed with the edge. Top is slightly recessed.
    Battery life seems solid. Better than my Pre and about the same as my Hero.
    I have tested for the grounding issue about 5 or 6 times and have not been able to replicate it on my phone. Purchased on Tuesday. It had just arrived that day.
  9. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Well-Known Member

    (Borrowed Ruhnie's layout lol) ALL GOTTEN FROM SAME BEST BUY

    Evo1 - 06/04 (all problems happened in 2 days from 6/15-6/16)
    Build 002
    - Light Leakage - major leakage from all the way across the bottom
    - Raised screen on bottom - major raised
    - Home button became unresponsive

    Evo2 - 06/17
    Build 002
    - Light Leakage
    - Raised screen on bottom - worse than my original
    - Top part of screen did not work - could not pull down notifications or do anything with that part of the screen

    Evo3 -
    Build 003

    So FAR all is well and appears to be very strong (much different feeling than the other 2) will know more after a couple of days...
  10. StealthTH

    StealthTH Well-Known Member

    Just got mine today, I was notified by Sprint that it was in stock on Thursday. Been on a waiting list since early June. My EVO is hardware version 0003. I cannot notice any light bleed or screen rising issue. Then again, I've only had it for about 10 hours so far, but so far so good.
  11. 3volut1on

    3volut1on VIP Member VIP Member

    Picked up: June 4th - 6:00AM
    HW Version - 0003
    Sprint (non-official) store in Chandler, AZ - Chandler Fashion Center. They only had 5 on launch day.

    No issues!

    Am I the only HW 0003 picked up on launch day? In any case, it should be a good feeling to all of you 0001 and 0002's out there to know that the 0003's are readily available.
  12. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Ordered from sprint 6-6, received 6-8, HW 0003, no issues.
  13. Padderwock

    Padderwock New Member

    Purchased Launch Day - Radio Shack
    Low Light Leakage below Nav Keys (at night) - I actually thought that it was a design cue so that you could tell which way was up in dark situations.
  14. chuckevo

    chuckevo Member

    HW - 0002, Ordered from sprint online the night of the release.

    Slight light leakage, no other issues. Use a rubber protector and that cover the light leakage up.
  15. dylan88

    dylan88 Well-Known Member

    HW 002 got it on launch day. no problems at all
  16. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    Well everyone, based on our informal thread it looks like the 0003's have the least amount of issues so far. It's also very encouraging that HTC has brought out 3 hardware revisions in such a short period of time. It would seem as HTC is taking this very seriously. Thank you all for your input!
  17. Never!?

    Never!? Well-Known Member

    Build 2

    Bought 6/11, from a cell phone Kiosk from Sams Club.

    No physical problems, screen tilt is somewhat slow, youtube widget rarely fully loads videos. Slower 3g (sprints problem, not Evo's).
  18. Marco Cordero

    Marco Cordero Member

    I bought mine online on launch day (6/4). It's hardware version 0003. No build quality issues whatsoever to report.
  19. zpilot

    zpilot Well-Known Member

    What's the point of hiding a flaw :confused:
  20. beecool84

    beecool84 Member

    light leakage
    poor battery life (last no more than 5-6 hrs)
    purchased from best buy 6/11
  21. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Well-Known Member

    LOL probably has my mind frame... ignorance is bliss :D ... if I can't see it then it isn't there and doesn't bother me ... :D
  22. Zero problems for me. Sorry to hear so many others are having issues. Got mine at RS on 6/4 and i am really impressed with this pocket wonder.
  23. GaryColeman

    GaryColeman Well-Known Member

    Good question
  24. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    Got mine yesterday (06/18) HW build 0003. It has NO issues (hardware or software), and I'm surprised. Luck of the draw I guess. Came from a Moto Droid.
  25. hondagal

    hondagal New Member

    Build 003, purchaseed from Sprint online 7-Jun, rec'd 8-Jun.
    * Light leakage under all 4 buttons, home button section leaks the most.
    * Raised bottom of screen across entire bottom

    Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk

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