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  1. richsausage

    richsausage Member

    It's still a gingerbread firmware. Just got it by using software update on the phone itself. The onscreen note just says "Improve stability".

    The only difference I see is it loads on a new non-removable app called "Music" which when selected redirects you to google play to download the official top 40 app.

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  2. iKevvin

    iKevvin Member

    Yeh I have just checked again and got the update, Same here I dont see anything obvious that has changed apart for the samsung top 40 app. That actually came with my phone on some sort of voucher code thing with I didn't use so i think samsung have realised the should pre install it.
  3. rikxzdjz

    rikxzdjz Member

    Got any Links to XXLH3 ? i wanna post it to my thread .. :):smokingsomb:

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