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  1. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys...Great News From Me Once Again.....

    New Update For Galaxy Y For Indian Users Have Been Released

    New Firmware Details :

    PDA : S5360DDLE1
    CSC : S5360ODDLD1

    Update Now For Better Experience With Your Galaxy Young...Any Doubts Comment Below....

    Firmware Changes: Few New Option Added Check It Out
    Go To Settings - About Phone - Software Update.
    New Widget For Software Update..
    Performance Improvements..
    Updated To Google Play..

    Note : Update Is Available Through Mobile And Kies....Update Now

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  2. Rajat611

    Rajat611 New Member

    They updated the update app. Does that mean we've a major update coming for galaxy y ??
  3. cliffgamerz

    cliffgamerz New Member

    It is not available to me through Wifi update, i am still in DDLC3.
  4. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Try Using Kies.........
  5. cliffgamerz

    cliffgamerz New Member

    I rather wait for Wifi update than using KIES.

    Update:Now update is available under about phone>Software update.
  6. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    New update available for indian users,just go to settings>about phone>software update>update.

    Update details:
    baseband ver:S5360DDLE1
    Android version:2.3.6
    Build number:GINGERBREAD.DDLE1.
  7. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Ok dude....
  8. nube1968

    nube1968 Well-Known Member

    is the firmware upgrade available in philippines ?
  9. nube1968

    nube1968 Well-Known Member

    is it available in the philippines ?
  10. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    No,its currently available only in India,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh and spain
  11. nube1968

    nube1968 Well-Known Member

    oh thank you. i hope its available in philippines soon. ^_^
  12. arunkumar14

    arunkumar14 Member

    SD card removed unexpectedly problem solved in S5360DDLE1 :)
  13. pochic1996

    pochic1996 Active Member

    What's new with the update?
  14. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    the two threads spole the same update !

    Just merged the threads :)

    Enjoy the discussion now ...
  15. Guntru

    Guntru Active Member


    I've updated over wifi.
  16. manoranjan2050

    manoranjan2050 Well-Known Member

    U can also download update from using Odin .......

  17. nube1968

    nube1968 Well-Known Member

    whats new in upgrading the firmware?
  18. Lovandroid

    Lovandroid New Member

    Cool thing about this is even when you update to this version using Kies and IF you had rooted your device, it does not unroot and load those bloatware

    Does this mean the firmware/stockROMs from Samsung at least will let users unbundle the system apps? Who knows
  19. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Any New feature added???
  20. forprinting

    forprinting New Member

    i'm from the philippines and i'm getting this update.. it's about 9mb :)


  21. mooncresent

    mooncresent Active Member

    im sure in PH isn't yet release maybe take 3-6days to release it ~_~
  22. colt003

    colt003 New Member

    its now available here in the philippines... i've already updated my SGY.. check out on kies and via WIFI.. :)
  23. hari2668

    hari2668 New Member

    Dear all if any one can help with the exact changes in the firmware will be great.:)
  24. fak0

    fak0 New Member

    :mad: Initially I was having sd card removed error so to eliminate it i searched the net and deceided to upgrade my firmware after it updated a few times i saw a confirmation window from samsung to agree to conditions with disclaimer in software update section i try to confirm it but it shows processing error :mad: and now iam unable to connect to the internet using stock browser and opera browser but my apps can connect to internet .how to solve this:confused:.Any help/feedback appreciated:).

    device details:-
    android version 2.3.6
    baseband version S5360DDLE1
    kernel version
  25. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    Same here i am having trouble downloading apps using Google Play. Progress bar is stuck to downloading status.

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