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  1. kamalu

    kamalu New Member

    Hai everybody i am kamal i am an Engineering graduate with major of software also new for android Recently i am more impressive about android mobile bcz i am more interest in network field but i got solution from android only for feature generation network communication and i dont have much more idea about how to create android application:rolleyes:

  2. kamalu

    kamalu New Member

    Hai i am new in android i am more confused to get an warning message from logcat to connect to the webservice using soap the error message is"03-08 18:36:26.902: WARN/System.err(836): org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: expected: START_TAG {http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/}Envelope (position:START_TAG <html>@1:6 in java.io.InputStreamReader@43d32ea0) " please help me for how to solve it
  3. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

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