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New Free Game Beta - Help!

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  1. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Hello friends!

    We have been working on a new Android game for a while called Jellyflop. We are trying to test out the game with an early beta that we put on the Android Market for free. We could sure use your help! If you can help - please download the game and give us your feedback, the more critical you can be the better!


    Or if you search for "Jellyflop" you should find it.

    Here is the description:

    Jelly is a little fish in a big jam! Help him make his way out of the ocean and into the clouds in this action-packed physics puzzler! Draw platforms, trampolines, and tractor beams with a swipe of your finger and let gravity do the rest. Bounce, tumble, and soar through challenging levels of high-flying fun in Jellyflop!

    Thanks everyone!

    Concrete Software

  2. TheCompBoy

    TheCompBoy Well-Known Member

    Good game.. I enjoy it :)
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  3. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Thank you TheCompBoy! We REALLY appreciate that!
  4. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Here is a quick preview image as well! Enjoy!

  5. dragma

    dragma Well-Known Member

    Looks cool. But not compatible with the bionic.
  6. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Glad you like the look, unfortunately since it's a beta it currently only supports a couple of screen sizes. We will support the most popular sizes shortly - for now we just wanted to make sure the game is fun before moving forward!

    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Just giving everyone a quick update on Jellyflop... The newly updated beta is coming out soon, so if you haven't tried it yet, you should. All of the info for compatibility and to download the actual game is HERE.

    You can also check out the facebook page for the intro animation to the game (coming very soon!), as well as other updates. Oh, and if you have any feedback, criticisms, etc. you can leave them on Jelly's wall: Jellyflop | Facebook

    We would love to hear what the true Android game fans think. That's you! duh! ;) And, Jelly has some thick skin, so don't be afraid to voice your true opinion.

    Thanks, guys!
  8. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

  9. RX-78-2

    RX-78-2 Well-Known Member

    Looks really nice, unfortunately it doesn't work with my S2(i777).
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  10. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Hey RX-78-2, We still don't have full device support. But, we are rigorously moving along with the next update, and will have a full version of the game done later this year.

    I will try and keep you, as well as everyone else, in the loop as we progress!
  11. LazerDude

    LazerDude Member

    Really fun game! Played on my Galaxy Note and it didn't quite fill up the screen. I know you said you were working on different screen sizes but just wanted to let you know.

    Trying to break it now and if I find any bugs I'll let you know.
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  12. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I've moved your thread to the Alpha & Beta testing forum as folks that are used to testing apps hang out here.:)
  13. stuey16

    stuey16 Member

    First off, the little jellyfish dude is cute. I'm a grown man, and I'm comfortable saying that.

    I tried your game on my HTC Incredible and my Transformer Prime tablet. It worked on both devices. I had no crashes after 5 or 6 levels. I'm guessing there's no sound yet, right? On my Incredible (running 2.3.4), there was a white box inside a larger semi-transparent box that appeared to be the scrolling mechanism. On my tablet (running 4.0), I could scroll with two finger swipes. I'm curious as to why there's a difference. I'm guessing the finished product will have a prettier version of the box-based scrolling mechanism?

    I think the basic game has all the fun and addictive qualities you'd like in a mobile game. I'd like to see more things for the user to strive for...like bonus points for the amount of "construction goop" you have left. Bonuses for getting it on the first (or second?) try would be nice, too. For the beta, would it maybe be a good idea to unlock a few select levels further on in the game so that we can test some of the features without having to win each level? Just a thought.

    The look and feel of the game and menus are excellent. It fits perfectly with the feel of the game. I'd think about showing the little intro movie (or at least an abbreviated version of it) to people when they play the first level the first time so the player knows why he or she collecting feathers.

    I'll keep an eye out for future versions of this game. Keep up the good work!
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  14. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Thanks for the incredibly detailed feedback, thus far. We knew we came to the right place!

    We are happy to announce that the new beta is up and ready for download. Get it here: http://bit.ly/z6EjRk

    You will notice some simplified game mechanics, as well as some new animations, physics, etc. Try it out, and let us know what you think! One thing to note: if you already completed the previous beta's levels, they will all be unlocked in this one. They are brand new this time around, but your device may think they are the old ones and unlock them all for you. This should just make the game easier for ya ;)

    Here is the new splash graphic from both the Google play marketplace and the Jellyflop facebook page. A little more of a hint behind the story of the little guy... [​IMG]
  15. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    We would love to hear some opinions on a couple specific things before moving our game towards the final stages. Specifically: what is your thoughts on the intro video? Do you think you know the premise of the story/game after watching it?

    And more importantly: how do you feel about the line-drawing mechanic? Is it responsive enough? Does double-tapping to delete seem natural? Any other specific ideas or suggestions?

    Get the newest version of the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.concretesoftware.bounce_full

    Thanks a ton in advance, everyone!

    Stuey16: we can not thank you enough for your input. You are exactly the type of user we were hoping to hear from.
  16. axelnom

    axelnom New Member


    Signed up to test your app on Thebetafamily.com, when will you start the test? Looking forward to it!
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  17. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Hey Axel, The testing through that site is live now as well. Thanks for signing up!
  18. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    The latest update to the Jellyflop beta is live right now! One more chance to play Jellyflop for free and provide feedback before the final build comes out soon. Thanks to everyone who has played and given us their thoughts thus far
  19. concsoft

    concsoft Active Member

    Our last Beta is live, and it's a big deal because the game now uses Haptic vibration feedback. If you play it, let us know if you love or hate Haptics in your review.

    Get Jellyflop here --> http://bit.ly/weky8W

    Thanks so much for all of the feedback that has gotten us to this point! We are looking forward to releasing the full game soon!
  20. kyle 1

    kyle 1 New Member

    I was going to test the game for you and give feedback but it was incompatible with my Acer iconia A500
  21. additc

    additc New Member

    I went thru the all parts of the game that im allowed to.
    Everything worked fine.
    Crashed once when I tried to open the game after accidentally closing it by pushing the home button.
    I couldn't replicate that problem.
    Using Sprint Nexus S4G Stock ICS.

    Cant wait til the rest of the game comes out!
    Hope you make a big splash in the app market!
  22. kyle 1

    kyle 1 New Member

    I wanted to test your game but it was incompatible with an "ACER iconia A500 tablet"
  23. Joe Staff

    Joe Staff Member

    You mentioned previously that you were having issues with (or not focusing on) resolution incompatibilities.

    I did some math to figure out exactly how much to zoom out to see a predetermined amount of resolution

    Code (Text):
    2. //Assuming the desired view is 800x400, and the FOV Y (set by gluPerspective) is 90 degrees
    3. float desiredHeight =400f;
    4. float desiredWidth=800f;
    5. //desired result best suited for Portrait: -- Otherwise, meeting height requirement
    6. float zoomOut = ((float)gameHeight/ (( (float) Math.tan(FOVY/(180/Math.PI)/2f) )*2f));
    7. //desired result best suited for Landscape -- width requirement
    8. zoomOut = (float)(desiredWidth/ aspectRatio)/ (( (float) Math.tan(FOVY/(180/Math.PI)/2f) )*2f);
    10. //Demanding both
    11. float zoomOut = ((float)desiredHeight / (( (float) Math.tan(FOVY/(180/Math.PI)/2f) )*2f)); //Zoom out assuming that height requirement won't be met, results in more horizontal view than necessary most times.
    12. float aspectRatio=( width/height );
    13. if( desiredWidth/ aspectRatio > desiredHeight )minAdjustment= (float)(desiredWidth/ aspectRatio)/ (( (float) Math.tan(FOVY/(180/Math.PI)/2f) )*2f); // If the height required to see the desired Width is greater than the desired Height, adjust.
    15. //Come translate time
    16. glTranslatef(0,0,-zoomOut); // use negative zoomout

    This is, generally speaking, the code I've been using to make sure that my entire game is seen on the screen. My game, which is a portrait game of 400x800, will zoomout so that even on a 1920x1080 screen, ALL of the game will show.

    I hope this helps you, if not at least someone else :D

    EDIT: Also I'm new to these forums, I hope I fit in well.

    Edit2: I had some time to think more accurately, my formulae were off by a bit, so I fixed it.

    EDIT3: Edited the code again, after actually utilizing this specific code, it turned out I was wrong (severely) on some of the methods
  24. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    Doesn't get past the flash/load screen on the S3. Waiting for more resolution compatibilities.
  25. LexiconStudios

    LexiconStudios Well-Known Member

    The link isn't working for me :( It looks like an awesome game too.

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