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  1. pixamark

    pixamark Member

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  2. markus_b

    markus_b New Member

    Hi pixamark,

    I've been playing with Landrule a bit and find it very good. The interface is nice and straightforward. Just play and go. The computer players are not that great and quite predictable. But on a phone I like short games, too good opponents would prevent that :).

    I have a quibble, though: when the game looses focus (when you get a call, for example) and you come back you get to the main screen. After selecting 'Continue single player game' you get back to the scenario you were playing, but you are back to turn 1. So you can not continue where you left, but just replay the same game.

    Regards Markus
  3. pixamark

    pixamark Member

    Hi all,

    Just an update on Landrule, I've added multiplayer support for it!

    Re: markus_b
    Yes I agree the AI players are too predictable right now, I'm going to try to focus on them for the next release. I'm hoping the addition of multiplayer will relieve that issue a bit as you can play against human opponents now too.

    The phone call issue is also unexpected for me - the game state should be saved in this scenario, but I'll try to recreate it. Thanks for the heads up.


    Landrule in marketplace:
  4. UncleDirty

    UncleDirty New Member

    Last update made me game map crazy. Its no longer movable and onley fits in the small window were map uses to be movable, now when u see hole map there its very tiny and very hard to move troops or see properly.

    Im on a experia play.
  5. UncleDirty

    UncleDirty New Member

    Btw i forgot to tell ya, i love this game !
  6. jubu

    jubu New Member

    Hey Pixamark:

    First off, great game!

    I have an issue where certain games have been corrupted and cannot be cleared from "My Games." When I try to click on them, it says something like "Cannot find user slot" and there is no option to leave the game.

    How can I clear these out? It is preventing me from playing multiple multiplayer games.

  7. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    In the next update you should include a .nomedia file in the maps folder that is created on the SD card and any other folder that is created on the SD card that houses images, sound, or video. Your maps show up in the stock gallery app and this will stop it
  8. tater_salad

    tater_salad Well-Known Member

    I stated playing this but stopped fast.
    To me it seemed to be rather laggy, and it often went into "move mode" even if I wanted to attack more. Maybe i'll give it another shot if its being actively worked on
  9. aadzz

    aadzz New Member

    My cuz referred me to this game and we haven't put it down since. The back to back games all day evey day, and with a 24hr shotclock though. Top top game!!!
  10. HollywoodB

    HollywoodB Member

    Great game!!!!!

    Only one thing- 10 min moves is the shortest on multi-player. That still seems way too long for me most of the time. Maybe some speed landrule 1 min moves or even 3-4 min moves would work way better for me personally
  11. pixamark

    pixamark Member

    Hi all, just wanted to kick this thread up again since I've been putting quite a bit of work into the game since last year. Check it out, try out some multiplayer games online, it's pretty fun!

  12. deanwright

    deanwright New Member

    this game is ace! download it!
  13. LexiconStudios

    LexiconStudios Well-Known Member

    Wow. Landrule is pretty awesome. I'm amazed you put it together over holiday. I'm assuming you've poured in a lot of work since then. Its really nice polished.
  14. mobestmedia

    mobestmedia Member

    Looks simple and easy!
  15. pixamark

    pixamark Member

    Glad you're enjoying it, yeah been working on it more and more the last year.
  16. lowkey81

    lowkey81 New Member

    I would love this game to be available for Window Phone. Any plans? I could help you out....
  17. pixamark

    pixamark Member

    Does windows phone have a hardware accelerated webview component? If so it'd be really easy to port over, I have the game written as a web app already. Otherwise there'd be a ton of code to port over!
  18. paulsparrow

    paulsparrow New Member

    Does anyone know how to change player names without starring over.

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