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New Galaxy S3

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  1. andrewcdub

    andrewcdub New Member

    Just wanted to say I picked up my first android phone Saturday, the Galaxy S3,
    and its amazing. I've had just about every iphone except for the 4s and think the galaxy is leaps and bounds better than my old iphones. I wanted a bigger screen and not just a longer screen so I decided against the 5. With the experience I'm having so far, i may never get another iphone again.

  2. Jabanero

    Jabanero Member

    Hi ! I'm also new here, i've had the iPhone, iP3G, iP3GS and the iP4. My wife has the 4S so you can imagine this wasn't an easy decision to make. I use my phone for everything including planning my day and keeping me organized. I couldn't be happier with the GS3.

    I do have a major issue with battery life but i'm trying to work through it.. hopefully i can resolve it and rate this phone 5*. As of right now i can barely make it to 3:00pm without the battery dying on me.
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome andrewcdub, glad to hear you are enjoying your new S3 :)

    Hopefully you will enjoy your time here at AF and we can help you with any questions you have in the future!

    Enjoy your stay :D and thanks for joining!

    EDIT: Welcome to you too Jabanero, glad to have you in the community :D

    Maybe i can help you with your problems! This link provides ways to save your battery life for your phone

    Also, i don't know if your phone has Google now, but i would suggest to turn it off, here are directions how to: Turn off Google Now Directions

    Also in the Maps application, go into the settings (the 3 vertical dots) and under Lattitude, turn those off too.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask away :)
  4. panther2469

    panther2469 Well-Known Member

  5. UMfan92

    UMfan92 New Member

    Same here! I had the iPhone 3g when it was brand new, then got an iPhone 4 and had it for two years. Finally just picked up a GS3 a week ago and I love it!
  6. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Welcome to the forums and welcome to the world of Android! I think you'll find us a pretty friendly bunch here, and we're glad to have you! :D
  7. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Welcome to AF! :ciao:
    Enjoy the site! :)

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