new Galaxy Y not charging...PLEASE HELPP!!Support

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  1. 2000taz

    2000taz New Member

    Brand new Galaxy Y not charging. Got it out of the box and turned it on, worked for a min and said 'battery is depleted, please charge' then turned off by itself. Plugged in the charger while phone is powered off. A grey battery icon comes up but is not throbbing, next to it a warning battery symbol comes up (within a triangle and a line striking it) as if battery is not charging.

    Tried three different outlets where other phones are already charging fine. Kept it overnight, no use. Battery is now completely dead so doesn't turn on at all. Everything is brand new. Just got it a few days ago.

    It seems that the phone does recognize the charger because everytime I unplug the charging cable from phone USB while phone is off and then re-plug, the grey battery meter comes up with the same warning symbol, however only for a few seconds. Then screen goes black as if its powered off.

    PLEASE HELPP......

  2. 1206549

    1206549 New Member

    If it's brand new, it's probably still under warranty. so unless you did something to void the warranty then just go to the store where you bought it and they will help you.
  3. gsxr10004life

    gsxr10004life New Member

    this and fully charge a new phone b4 usage just my 2 cents

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