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New Gallery - need to recover deleted videoSupport

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  1. newmabt

    newmabt New Member

    2.1 was installed this morning. I was browsing the new Gallery to send a video to my laptop via Bluetooth. As it was supposedly transferring, I was deleting old media that I did not have a use for. I know I selected only some pictures and not the video being transferred. Well, anyway, my video is no longer in my Gallery, nor on the laptop.

    Is there a way to recover a deleted file from the Droid?

  2. Stine K

    Stine K Member

    First thing you do if your image was on the SD card take it out so the image is not written over by other data.

    I'm an android newbie myself so I do not know about other undelete apps than those you can use in a computer. But find a undelete app for your computers OS and try to undelete using a card reader for the SD card.

    My 2c
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  3. newmabt

    newmabt New Member

    Thanks for the info, Stine. In theory, I think this would work, but the undelete program I used wasn't able to recover the video in a format that could be read. I may try another one.
  4. bonkers2012

    bonkers2012 New Member

    I had a similar problem just this past weekend and here is how I recovered 3 lost videos from my Galaxy S android phone.

    1) Use the USB cable supplied with your phone and patch it in to your pc. It should be recognized as a drive (H: for mine).

    2) Download and install EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 5.0.1 from Free Data Recovery Software to free recover deleted files and recover formatted or corrupt hard drives - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition. TO YOUR PC.

    3) Start the application and point it toward drive H: (will be different for you I'm sure)

    4) Check off the types of files you want to recover. I deselected music files as that would put me over the 1 gig limit that the free version of this software will recover. I did not specifically choose sub-directories as the software handles this just fine.

    5) Let it run. It took the software about 1 hour to recover 105 deleted files
    (you must choose where to save the files, somewhere on your PC, I created a special folder called c:\recovery just for this).

    6) After it is done, Browse the files in your recovery folder, keep what you need and delete the rest.

    Important: Do not save ANYTHING to your phones drive when you realize you have deleted something important. Turn off wi-fi, email alerts, facebook, etc. I would suggest turning your phone off immediately to prevent this until you are ready to recover files.

    Good Luck, it worked fine for me.
  5. alecsteva

    alecsteva New Member

    It is very easy to recover deleted video with the help of third-party Photo Recovery Software.
  6. alecsteva

    alecsteva New Member

    If you search online then you will find several Photo Recovery Software that offers option to free download the demo version so as to see the preview of recoverable images, audio and video. You can try those recovery software and can restore the deleted images in an easy way.
  7. lovestoryer

    lovestoryer New Member

    Tips:All you Android moible lost data are still on you memeory Card,you can recover you video,photo,music or other data on computer

    How to Recover lost mobile data with Recovery Software?
    Luckily, there are many software applications that can help you recover mobile data.
  8. likoneman

    likoneman New Member

    you can try minitool power data recovery software. use the function of digital media recovery function.
  9. ahliang123

    ahliang123 New Member

    Hi , what if I don't have a SD card in my galaxy note, can i still recover my deleted video?can anyone help ?
  10. fischer24

    fischer24 New Member

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  11. kevinNazy8

    kevinNazy8 New Member

  12. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    The original question was posted ... four years ago ... about the ... Droid. That was a VERY long time ago and the phone is now VERY old.

    ... Thom
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