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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Zlord, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Zlord

    Zlord New Member

    Nov 26, 2010
    Hey guys! Im new to android, this is my first phone. I have kept up with android but never owned a device. I was a big windows phone fan. I had a palm pre last. I loved the pre but got sick of palm. They kept promising updates and new phones. Then HP buys them and they made promises as well. Then they come out with a upgrades pre? What a slap in the face. So I decided to try android and skip the new windows 7 phone. i did played with the win7 phone and it is a great device and i really like cretin things about it but i am happy with android for now.

    So being my first android phone i must say the hardware on the epic is awesome. My phone runs everything with out a hiccup. Its just super smoth with that 1gh hummingbird. I always liked samsung phones and i had a instinct for some time and really liked it.

    I really like the phone but of course i go buy the hottest phone and come to find the updates are slow. i really want to see 2.2. I mean if you buy one of the best phones on the market I want the updates to mach it. I hope this does not turn into a palm type of deal. It seems odd that we have not seen 2.2 yet i am hearing about 2.3 already. I really want to be able to save my apps to the SD card, i am running out of space.

    The android OS is very cool. I love the customizing. The apps are great! I had a few questions i hope you guys can help me with.

    My epic is charging odd. When i plug it in at night it charges but it seems that once its done charging the battery starts to deplete? I have never had a phone charge up then discharge even when it is plunged it. I charge it then check the phone it says "phone is charged please remove charger" but the battery is at 96%? I did some test because i thought my battery was bad. My battery is fine. The phone just seems to charge the battery and not switch to outlet power. is this normal?

    I wanted to know if any of you have any information and a charging pad? The thing i miss the most about my pre is the touchstone. Anyting coming down the line for the epic? Even a power mat would be cool.

    I really hate the keyboard program. I would love to see one like the windows 7 phone. What i mean is the spell check feature. When i tipe it gives me a pop up.. i would love to see it just auto correct or just highlight it in red then let me touch that word for a suggestion window. Not really a question just a comment. I tried all the app market keyboards and they all fall short.

    Thanks for listening guys.

  2. sitlet


    Apr 11, 2010
    First, if you just got the phone, it will take a week or two to get the battery fully condidtioned. Until then, you will get unreliable results. Second, yes, some smartphones wont continue to charge after full, or trickle charge.

    Powermat should have a connector. I dont think they have a back yet for that phone.
  3. Martimus

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    Jul 9, 2010
    'neath a cactus
    Welcome to the Android Forum!
  4. Zlord

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    Nov 26, 2010
    I bought the phone a month ago. The phone does stops charging after its full. Never had a phone that does that.

    Yea i am waiting for the back.

    Thanks for the welcome.

    Also why is towermaddness not on android?? I love that game!
  5. trav2001

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    Welcome to the community!

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