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  1. staind1286

    staind1286 New Member

    Not sure if this is the right area to post this, sorry if it's not.

    Have had my Samsung Captivate for about a year and a half. Recently switched cell providers and have only used the phone as an mp3 player. I rooted the phone, not sure which root I put on it now(I did this about 4 months ago). The phone worked fine after the root, then I quit using it for a few months, until recently. My sister who is on AT&T broke her phone and I gave her my Captivate to use. She used it a few days, then all of a sudden the screen went completely green when she turned it on one day. She thinks it may be a battery issue(since the phone sat for a few months with no one using it). And I thought it may be an issue since I rooted the phone(though it worked fine for me after I rooted it).

    I would post a picture of what it's doing exactly, but I can't since I'm new. The phone boots up to a scrambled green screen(doesn't even show the Samsung screen when it boots) and I cannot see anything on it to change any settings or root it to another version of Android. Any help would be appreciated with this, I would still like to use the phone as an mp3 player if possible. Thanks.

  2. staind1286

    staind1286 New Member

    A friend of mine just suggested that it could be a lose connection between the cpu and the display. Doubt that's fixable if it is. Going to try and post a link to it and see if it works.


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