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  1. smklos

    smklos New Member

    Hi, Total android noob here.
    I am thinking about moving to the Inspire or Evo from BB. Seems like it's the time cross over now and I am putting my ducks in a row to do so. I am veryifiing with my IT department that there will be no exchange server issues on our end with this transition from a business standpoint and then I will make the move (when the phone comes out that is)!

    My question is this: AT&T has a 2 GB data max on their plans, will that be enough? I dontpkan on streaming much music or video and dont do any serious gaming. Just normal browsing, FB, sms, mms and such. Sprint is unlimited and that plans looks pretty good but the phone would then be the EVO?

    What say you droid faithful-any advice? Thanks


  2. Well 2GB is a lot of data to use and for what you described you will be more than alright. I have the unlimited plan and I have never broken 2GB. I use the phone heavily as well. The inspire is a better phone than the EVo as well. Also if you have wifi access at all your also golden
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  3. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    2GB is a lot like AndreaCristiano said above. And if your planning on using WiFi anytime, you will have even less to worry about. I myself am a future Inspire 4G owner, and I think you should go this route as well. Since your a "noob", if you have questions, you can ask AndreaChristiano or myself.

  4. I second what Matt says and you can pm anytime
  5. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    If you come across a forum that is saying that the Inspire won't come out before the Atrix, I'm pretty sure that they are wrong. AndreaChristiano said that the Inspire passed for the FCC on Dec. 28 and phones usually come out about a month after the FCC passes them so expect the Inspire 4G anytime soon now. I know that the day it comes out, it will be in my hands. :D


    P.S. - On the post I did last time, I was talking about 2GB of data. I myself will most likely be going with the 200MB data plan because I'll be using WiFi at home, and if I get the passcode, at school.
  6. I used the 200mb with one of my phones on wifi all the time you will be OK.
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  7. PS I too believe that the inspire comes out first. All the evidence points that way
  8. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member


  9. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping to see a launch sometime in Feb. but late Jan. would be fine too.;)

    What do you think? $199 with a new two-year contract???


  10. Yea def 199 and I would love it sooner rather than later I'm not feeling this captivate at all
  11. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    LOL. Is there even a way to flash it to Froyo???


  12. Yea with cognition Ill probably do it this week
  13. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    Hey what other forums are you on???

  14. XDA , ATTDroid, androidcentral, etc etc
  15. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    Alright, I'm on xda-developers so I'll shoot you an add there. I'll take a look that ATTDroid and I've been to androidcentral, just not a member quite yet.


  16. Cool when I get home ill accept the friend request forgot my password LOL. PS rooted my captivate today again. I think I'm gonna put serendipity on it this week
  17. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    I'm hearing a lot how the Desire HD comes pre-loaded with tons and tons of garbage... long load times from boot and what not...

    I'm going to need some help cleaning up the Inspire 4G when it comes out. The one thing I love about the iPhone is the lack of shitware on it. Very minimalistic.

  18. Well that's not a problem. But the desire HD boots faster than any phone out there just watch some.videos loads in less than 5 seconds due to the new sense UI
  19. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    All I wanna do, is clear it of any program or app I will never use. I know you can do that on the new Windows Phone 7 Platform... and I hate that I can't remove certain apps on my iPhone... so I would LOVE to remove garbage files on my new upcoming phone.
  20. thats easy once rooted you can remove with certain apps or install a custom rom to delete all BS completely
  21. knappkd

    knappkd Well-Known Member

    How long do you think it will take for someone to root this phone? It doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention from anyone right now, so it worries me that it will be a long time before it is rooted and even longer for someone to develop cutom ROMs.

  22. no HTC phones usually get rooted fast and being that this is basically a DEsire HD which already has ROMs it will be quicker than normal

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