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  1. lethal1

    lethal1 Member

    Just wondering if anyone has any feedback, or had any issues/compliments since launch re this handset (htc desire x). Certainly not many posts, and the specs given on the phandroid review look questionable (eg memory for this phone is quoted as 768 mb external & 4 gb internal). Should that not be 768 mb RAM and 4 gb internal?
    I have had a recent very poor experience with the htc explorer having such a limited internal memory that my 32 gb sdcard is wasted (all stuff downloads to internal mem first, then can be most cases).
    I am hoping therefore (please anyone confirm) that the 4gb memory quoted is internal for the desire x.

    I have been using a desire hd for 18 months, and besides a shame not purchasing it new (had power issues), its been a great phone.

    Would like to stick to the brand, and accordingly seek feedback on desire x users experiences.
    Appreciate any and all comments.



  2. richo12345678

    richo12345678 New Member

    Yeah that's right, 768mb of Ram and 4gb Internal storage.
    The way they've set up the Desire X is that about 1 gig is "internal storage" and the rest is referred to as "phone storage".
    When downloading new apps, they assign it to the smaller "internal storage" by default and you have to move it to "phone storage" manually via the app settings. But hey, it's better than having to move it to your SD right?

    Also, it might be worth taking note that certain elements of ICS have been watered down to cater to this mid-range spec'd phone. (No animated wallpapers, no lock screen options, only 5 home screens, etc).

    But all in all, a very cool phone that'll give you plenty of bang for your buck. I got it after I broke my Incredible S while still under contract and I am very happy with my buy.
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  3. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Not sure what the prices are down under but it's the same contract price as a One S here in the UK, I was going to get one as a second phone for work but the One S is far superior although the Desire X looks really nice and has a great feel in the hand.
  4. lethal1

    lethal1 Member

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your input. Wilkas, the one S is three times the cost here in aussie, and has a far worse battery performance according to cnet (and other) benchmarks. You also cant replace the battery in a one s (like most of the one range)....yet you can in the desire x.
    I have a desire HD and it battery life aint great either....
    I was gunna purchase, however may now defer till the next round of 4g capable smartphone hit the streets in early 2013.

    Richo12345678, great input thanks muchly.
    Dunno why HTC muck around with download and installation so much, then dont resource their products with sufficient capacity to handle what they have decided.
    Contact with htc direct is frustrating and fruitless, until you get asked what you thought of experience (with contact), ONLY then do they get someone with any sound knowledge and communication expertise (hope you know what i mean) to answer you.
    Stay safe guys.

  5. carpetmanuk

    carpetmanuk New Member

    Can't seem to sync my phone to sync manager says I need to install driver by inserting cd, problem is it didn't come with one and windows can't find any downloadable drivers, so now I have a phone which I can't put music or photos onto. Anybody know if there is a driver or if I am just being stupid
  6. Bayden Rank

    Bayden Rank New Member

    Hi Carpetmanuk - HTC sync sorted Photos for me. Cannot speak for Music as the Wildfire's memory management was so poor I didn't even try to add music.
  7. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Lethal don't pay too much attention to benchmarks, often they are done right out the box and the battery needs a couple of weeks to settle.. One X battery has been massively improved by 3 updates and the One S has the same battery but powering a dual core instead of a quad core and a slightly smaller screen, it's the same capacity battery so in theory you should get a respectable day and a half off one charge with medium use.

    I've never been bothered by the replaceable battery thing but can understand why heavy users would want the option to have a spare, you would lose the form factor though which is one of the best things about the One series.
  8. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    What happens when you have to force it to reboot? When my phone freezes I remove the battery and put it back.

    Could you elaborate on the features that have been watered down? "Live wallpapers" have been around for a long time (I have them on my N1 running Android 2.3.6).

    (The 5 home screens doesn't bother me.)

    What about the lock screen options?
  9. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    I've never had to do it with my One X before Phlojo, only ever had one issue with it which is when my son broke it the other day... still worked though even with a demolished screen :D If you did need to do a reset you hold the power button for 10 seconds, that is the same as a battery pull on a One X and S
  10. charlie_brown

    charlie_brown New Member

    Carpetmanuk I am having exactly the same issue, and like others have previously mentioned, trying to deal with HTC is a nightmare. Apparently the drivers come with the Sync Manager software and the only useful bit of info I've managed to get out of HTC so far, is that *sometimes* firewalls and antiviral software *may* prevent download of the drivers. I've tried downloading the software from 3 different web browsers and that's made no difference, yet I'm also not getting any signs that avast is interferring with the downloads at all.

    Other than that, HTC have been absolutely useless. Did you ever get anywhere with your phone? I'm pretty pissed that I've got this phone and can't sync it with my computer
  11. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    I had an issue with some nexus one driver file; it just wouldn't get downloaded no matter what I tried. It was indeed the antivirus software blocking that and it didn't matter what browser I used (because it wasn't the browser that caused the issue!).

    Maybe you can try downloading the file on your phone and then transferring it (if you can't directly then try indirectly, via email or cloud file system).

    Some other options to put pix/music/etc on your phone:
    - use the SD card (you can use an adapter; either from microSD to SD or from microSD to USB)
    - use a cloud file system such as DropBox or Google Drive (much slower to transfer)
    - use a software (an app) that you allows you to transfer files via WiFi (I use Droid PhoneControl and it works great)
  12. anghel9

    anghel9 New Member

    Hello guys, my Desire X is acting very strange, the screen suddently changed the colors and went on and off for 3 seconds, and after that everything was ok. I decided to turn it off and I did, but now I can't turn it on ... I tried a factory reset. i.e. remove and replace the battery, hold down the volume button and then press the power button, but didn't work.
    Still when I plug it in my computer, the led turns on but I can't access the phone using the computer since it doesn't turn on.
    I don't think the power button is broken because it was working just fine before this. Does anybody know what's the solution for my problem here? Thanx!

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