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New HTC Hero issues

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  1. battletux

    battletux Member

    Right I got myself a white hero on T-mobiles combi 20 web n walk. It arrived yesterday but I seem to be having issues with it and need some help.
    Basically in people under the contacts if I click on my own contact card at the top of the list i get the following error:

    The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    It then asks me to force quit, whic I do. After this happens when I use any text input the text can not be seen, any ideas? - I am alos getting this when I update my contacts in people. Just about every time I save a new contact, but thankfully the contact is saved.

    I have also found that the HTC sync software on the SD card will not install on Win7, is this normal?

  2. volatile

    volatile Member

    I'm having the same problem. I can open my own contact card by holding it down and clicking Edit - deleting all the info, logging out of Facebook and Flickr then saving seems to fix the problem...

    ...until it recurs again randomly 5 minutes later.

    I'm guessing it's something to do with Facebook syncing - the problem statred at the same time the phone "forgot" all the Facebook profile pictures I'd painstakingly connected! I've had the phone about 3 weeks, and it's worked fine up until this morning. I haven't added any apps in the last few days, so I can't see any of them being the cause.
  3. volatile

    volatile Member

    Well... my attempts to fix this made it worse - as the problem is somehow contact related, I thought disconnecting my google account then reconnecting it would solve the issue.

    It didn't. Even with the link to Google disconnected, the error occurred, and when I tried to reconnect, it told me it couldn't find a network signal (even though Peep was connected just fine).

    Factory reset it is, then.
  4. volatile

    volatile Member


    A Factory Reset didn't work either. The error still occurs. So I lost all my apps, settings etc... for nothing.

    Argh! I've been so impressed with this phone and recommending it to all my friends... but I'm about ready to throw it at the wall.

    Can't anyone help?
  5. battletux

    battletux Member

    I've factory reset mine too, only made the issue happen when adding contacts. (before the reset it was just my own contact card).

    I've sent a ticket to HTC so will let you know how it goes.
  6. volatile

    volatile Member

    By jove - a breakthrough.

    A google search brings up Issue 2377 - android - "Android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" - caused by data that can not be synced - Project Hosting on Google Code, which suggests the problem is caused by long Notes fields.

    Removing the link to my Flickr account (the HTC links to Flickr and Facebook by adding a code into the Notes field in your contacts) seems to have fixed the issue - although it's odd, as the problem only started today and had been working find for weeks.

    Does that help you?
  7. zippyioa

    zippyioa New Member

    I have this problem too, but only with my own contact! I thought it was just me!!

    Like others here, no new apps installed recently, and its only just started to happen after 2-3 weeks of trouble free usage.

    I know it worked before as I got a new number with this phone so have gone in there a lot to get my number!! :)

    Again, I too find the issue goes if I log out of Facebook (as does my contact picture!).

    When I log back in to Facebook again, the error appears again, indicating that the link with Facebook is at fault possibly!?


  8. gibbo

    gibbo Member

    I started getting this error yesterday too. Seemed to happen if i clicked on a contact then looked at their facebook status. But it doesn't happen everytime.
  9. volatile

    volatile Member

    After eradicating the problem, I started playing with contacts again - and the error occurs on linking certain contacts with Facebook... interestingly enough, the error causes the Facebook links in contacts to vanish (and the associated pictures), seemingly indicate that one the error has occurred, the phone stops reaing the Notes fields altogether. A reboot seems to clear this.

    Is there a permanent way to fix this?
  10. volatile

    volatile Member

    Odd. Maybe something changed yesterday, then?
  11. volatile

    volatile Member

    Hmm... spoke too soon. The error's back.

    Perhaps this is something downloading in the background?
  12. norrbaggen

    norrbaggen New Member

    I got the same problem. When updating link to facebook profile I get the error to. Tried a factory reset but in vain.

    Firmware version: 1.5
    Kernel: 26.27-a5504199
    Build number: 1.76.405.6 146733
    Software Version: 1.0.0A6288

    Anyone any ideas what the hell is wrong?
  13. MediaJunky

    MediaJunky Member

    Just adding a me too on this thread.

    I got my Hero today;

    1) Connected to Exchange account
    2) Started linking contacts with facebook profiles

    Error began.

    I'm also now getting 'client/server conversion error' when the phone tries to sync my contacts.

  14. volatile

    volatile Member

    I installed the SendLog app... maybe this is the problem:

    "I/ActivityManager( 59): Starting activity: Intent { action=android.intent.action.VIEW data=content://contacts/myContactCard flags=0x20000001 comp={com.android.htccontacts/com.android.htccontacts.HtcViewMyContactCardActivity} }
    D/AndroidRuntime( 741): Shutting down VM
    W/dalvikvm( 741): threadid=3: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4000fe70)
    E/AndroidRuntime( 741): Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception
    E/AndroidRuntime( 741): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resume activity {com.android.htccontacts/com.android.htccontacts.HtcViewMyContactCardActivity}: java.lang.NumberFormatException: unable to parse 'March' as integer"

  15. stupendo

    stupendo Active Member

    same problem here, only started today. I would suspect it is caused by facebook as its affecting so many phones. It also only happens when I click on my own contact.
  16. MediaJunky

    MediaJunky Member

    Has anyone opened a support ticket with HTC?

    Right a few observations from a long time Windows Mobile user who is new to Android;

    1) I have just factory reset my phone and set up only my Exchange Account, this is working normally and as expected.

    2) Without logging into my Google account, the 'My Contact Card' is blank

    3) As soon as I log into my Google account from the device, it breaks the exchange contacts sync with the above mentioned error.

    So, its either the My Contact Card or the Google Account sync that causes the issue with Exchange. Its also worth pointing out that the error doesn't go away if you disable the contacts sync from your Google account.

    Also worth pointing out that I have never enabled or used Google contacts, however when I log in to www.google.co.uk/contacts via a PC, I get an 'INVALID DATA' message.

    Would anyone else be able to try;

    i) factory resetting their device and only syncing the exchange account, this also means not using the Application Market as its tied to your account and the device tries to log in when you enter.

    ii) Logging into www.google.co.uk/contacts or the .com equivalent and see if they also get the INVALID DATA message.

  17. MediaJunky

    MediaJunky Member

    Apologies, when logging into www.google.co.uk/contacts I get the following error message;

    Invalid Request.


    Invalid Data.

  18. nafe

    nafe Well-Known Member

    I've yet to get the Hero, but when I try and log in to that google link, I get exactly the same. However, if I straight away do a google search for "Google Contacts" and click the first link, it shows my contacts fine. If I sign out and do that same google search then sign in again, same problem.
  19. Ozington

    Ozington New Member

    Also have this issue.

    Found only way to solve it is to not have facebook, or googlemail synced or logged in.

    So its certainly a problem with either/both of those applications. Which is annoying. Tried variet of solutions. Worked absolutely fine until a few days ago.

    Would hope HTC/Android are on the case with it!

  20. marcink

    marcink Member

    here as well.
    from today on, i cant open the my contact card. when i try, i get the same error.

    factory resetting doesnt fix it.
    and after trying to link facebook accounts to contacts, with some contacts i get the same error. the contacts doesnt have to have the notes field edited at all.

    i dont think it has something to do with the contacts.
    1) it worked with the same contacts for 2 weeks now
    2) mine my contact card doesnt actually have lots of info
    3) after open the my contact card for editing and logging of of facebook, everything is back to normal

    any news on that?
  21. volatile

    volatile Member

    I emailed HTC Support - I suggest as many people as possible do so.

    This is obviously something that's changed (either at Google or Facebook) in the last day or so. If enough people report the error - and there seem to be dozens of us with the same issue all suddenly appearing this morning - then hopefully HTC will take notice.

    You can lodge a support query at htc.com

    My flatmate got her Hero yesterday and hers is working fine, so it's not affecting all phones.
  22. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    No, impossible, Nothing to do with Gmail because I am sync'd 24/7, and get instant push e-mail to my G mail account , since day one I had the hero (more than 2 weeks ago) and my contacts sync with those of G mail all the time, even when I would prefer it would'nt.
    I don't use face book though, (just a bit of tweetter (and more and more rarely), so maybe it is a facebook issue.
    If it can beinteresting the facebook app caused troubles also in a number of my friends OmniaHD and iPhones.
    Get off the F'book guys, lately it has become a place for politicians to beg for votes ad corporations hunting for clients (pedofiles and wackos were its very first users).
    Besides it will crash your phone too.
  23. Hellplant

    Hellplant New Member

    I've had the same problem until now, and my wife too.
    Found this thread and were just about to mail HTC when I tried to view my own contactcard and suddenly everything works just fine.
    I can access my own contact and all the contacts with facebook links is updating just perfect.
    Is there still people out there with this problem or does it seem to be fixed?
  24. marcink

    marcink Member

    i run just a quick test, but it looks like its solved... if others could also confirm?

    and it would be veeeeery nice to know, where the problem was.

    if you recieve a report from htc, could you post it in this forum?? :)
  25. volatile

    volatile Member

    I just tried and still had the same problem... so I'm trying a reboot...


    Nope. Mine's still broken.

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