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    May 4, 2010
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    So I've never had an Android phone before...

    Lifelong Verizon user, I've been all about the enV line. LG was my brand ever since the VX7000, and I had the enV, the enV2, and the Touch, figuring all these newfangled smartphones were just more than I ever actually needed a phone to do.

    Well, a new job that required more capabilities, so I was looking at getting a Droid. However, my phone wasn't up for an upgrade until July, so I waited it out.

    A few days ago I'm walking through the mall, and I see a sign that says "DROID INCREDIBLE". Assuming that was just a slogan, I do my normal thing and peek in to play with the Droid. Lo and behold, there's a new phone entirely that just came out! I ask about it, say I'm up for an upgrade in July, etc.

    I come to find out that if you have a "dumbphone", Verizon will give you an early upgrade and front the $100 mail-in rebate as instant. Out went my enV Touch, in came the Incredible!

    Last night was a graveyard shift for me, 11p-7a. I spent nearly ALL of that time looking up and playing with all the free apps. Guys, I absolutely cannot WAIT to start throwing some money into the library. It's gonna become an epidemic, LOL.

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    Welcome to the AF forums and enjoy your visits !! :cool:

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