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New Infuse won't sign on internet.General

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  1. skeeterca

    skeeterca Active Member

    Hello Ya'll,

    I just got this brand new Samsung infuse. I pull it out of the box and turn it on and it says something to the effect that it is not reading the sim card. So i take my sim card from my old non-smart phone and put it in the phone. Now the phone fires up ok but won't sign onto the internet unless i use the Wifi connection. Not having much time to play with it i put it on the charger till the next morning. I go into work and one of the guys says you have to activated it by calling ATT. I do this and it activates the phone and then nothing. The phone is totally dead except for being able to play angry birds. Any thing that requires phones service will not work. I call ATT support and they tell me i should put the new sim card that came with the phone in the phone and it should then work. When i got home last night i removed my old sim card and put in the new one. I can now make phone calls recieve text and surf the web with Wifi only. I still can't get on the internet with the phone line. I think a setting was altered when i install my old sim card or activated it with my old sim card.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem before i call ATT back?


  2. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    Sign into My AT&T and check to see that you have a data plan. Usually you're required to buy a data plan when you order a smartphone, but I have seen cases where someone got a smartphone without a data plan. In that case, you get no access to the data network and would mirror your situation.

    Also, this is out of curiosity. You said it just came in. What made you buy it?
  3. skeeterca

    skeeterca Active Member

    Got it working. Actually it just starting working on it's own. When i got to work i was calling ATT support and noticed the i was getting a mobile internet connections, so i complemented to guy on a job well done and hung up. Guess it just needed time to update or something.

    As for why i chose the Infuse? Well i did alot of look-e-loo stuff on the internet. I guess my first choice would have been a note or skyrocket but price was a big consideration. I was looking to get into something for free if possible but was maybe willing to spend 50 bucks. A big screen was a must as i hate the small screens because of my 50 yr old eyeballs and big fat thumbs. As i looked at what was available from ATT, since we are already on a family plan with four lines it would be easy to upgrade to my first smart phone. I kept coming back to the infuse as the reviews were good, except for the battery of course. It seemed to have everything i wanted/needed in a smart phone. Then again i really didn't know much so i'm sure it can do alot more than i know. It's going to be a real learning curve. The one bad thing was that know one had done any reviews less than maybe six months ago. All of them was from when the phone first came out. I did not know about all the teething problems that people have had until i found this forum after i ordered the phone. Hopefully i'll learn from other people and it will be the great phone i was hoping for. Sorry about the long winded statement but i just get going and can't .......damn there i go again.

    Thanks for everything.

  4. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    Did you try looking at the Galaxy SII (not Skyrocket)? Aside from the screen being only very much smaller (it's 4.3" instead of 4.5"), it's a much better phone than the Infuse. Plus, they're starting to sell it for real cheap due to the SIII coming out. The SII from AT&T is $99, but you can get it for even cheaper at other locations, with some people getting it for $40.

    The Infuse isn't a bad phone by any means, but I would almost encourage you not to look around the forums, because everyone goes insane over the Gingerbread update that was supposed to come out. If you're fine and don't get bothered by that stuff, then no such issue however.
  5. skeeterca

    skeeterca Active Member

    If the phone doesn't give me any problems than i really don't care which OS it has. I don't always have to have the latest and greatest of every high tech product. As for why i was asking on the other thread, i was just curious. I really like the way this phone feels and am very happy with it being my first smart phone.


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