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  1. AndroiDave

    AndroiDave New Member

    Hi folks! Just wanted to introduce myself. I have an Infuse 4G being shipped to me today from AT&T. I got in on the $49 deal. I have been lurking in the forum for the past few weeks while I decided on which phone/service to get.

    Obviously I chose the Infuse 4G. I am far from being a "power user", or an experienced programmer, but I do want to maximize the performance and versatility of the unit as soon as possible - especially within the first 30 days (as the exchange program is better during that period).

    Just to make sure I understand the process, first I should get "one click" software and root the phone, to get superuser status. Then upgrade the kernel and operating system to Gingerbread. Then the world is my oyster?

    Sorry to ask for a repeat, but I have searched and have read so many of what, to the uninitiated, seems like conflicting steps in scores of posts. Please spoon feed me this one time. Once I understand the process a bit better I will do my best to contribute to the betterment of the forum.

    This will be my first Android, please take it easy on me!

  2. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

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  3. AndroiDave

    AndroiDave New Member

    Got the phone! It is un-boxed and charging for the first time. Looks like I'll have a late night tonight playing with it (the phone!!).
  4. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Well-Known Member

    Cool. Make sure to follow all directions, and I recommend either one of the new leaks or of course, CM7!. It is unlike anything you have tried, it is in my opinion the best rom released. I do like Infused too, and DLEV (all the ones ive tried) but if you really want something totally different (and the most stable) CM7 is the way to go.
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