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New Kid on the Block yet an old(er) guy

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  1. scammett

    scammett New Member

    Hello! I'm Steve and I am the new kid on the block (pun totally intended). I am not ashamed to admit that my daughters loved NKOTB back in the day :cool: - and I actually was their enabler! And to the best of my knowledge, none of them ever used drugs and they have now blessed me with 4 wonderful grandchildren! :) I guess NKOTB (and 'Nsync) weren't such lame choices after all!

    I've been writing a book for over 20 years and the time has come to get it done! My children will be very happy because then maybe I won't talk about it so much!

    The title and each chapter will be named after a song that has been important to me. Some of the artists are Chicago, Tower of Power, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Dan Fogelberg, Bill Champlin, Amy Grant, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc., etc.

    I came to this forum this morning to learn how to turn of the annoying "predictive text" on my new Samsung Galaxy 3 III that I bought yesterday. Got to go find that answer - so bye for now.

  2. scammett

    scammett New Member

    And here's my favorite quote: "Sometimes wisdom comes with age ... and other times age just arrives all by it self". I really, really don't want to live long enough to be considered an "old fool"!

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