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  1. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    Probably plastic, doubt it is Gorilla Glass. A screen protector will take care of that, or at this price point, it is easier to just be kind to your phone and skip the screen protector. I didn't use one on my OV and didn't put one on my Galaxy either. None of my tablets have screen protectors either.

    If you are someone who is rough with your phone, get a screen protector. Makes me wonder how many people put screen protectors on their wristwatch faces and look what they get exposed to :)

  2. elgecko

    elgecko Well-Known Member

    Looking at getting an Elite.
    Has anyone tried Gingerbreak to root it, or any other way to root?
  3. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    I haven't found a method yet to root it. The phone allows you to boot into Recovery so you can load a file from the internal memory (not the SD).

    I would love it if someone else could try it though :)
  4. elgecko

    elgecko Well-Known Member

    Currently have an Optimus V running BACKside ROM.

    I know I read a lot of questions about upgrading the phone if you would be able to keep your $25.00 a month plan. I called VM and they said I could transfer my number to a new phone and still keep the $25.00 plan even after the May 27th date.
    If you read VM website that is not what it says......

    Anyway my billing cycle is in 3 days, so I decided to pick up an Elite today and play with it and see what I think. That way if I like it I will transfer my plan to the new phone before the 3 days.

    Some quick observations;
    - The phone is very quick running on 800mhz. Running a custom ROM on the V that can OC, not that much difference.
    - The slightly larger screen is nice, but not sure it's enough to upgrade from the V.
    - Like the LED on the phone for pictures.

    - Boot screen and sound gotta go!
    - It takes longer to connect to the wifi compared to the V.
    - The camera sucks on the phone big time with the stock app. The pictures where terrible. I installed Camera FX and the pictures where extremely good then.
    - Not being able to move apps / data to SD could be a problem for a few people, such as myself with wanting Audubon guides on the phone. For example Audubon birds download data is 529MB.

    I do not think I see enough here to get rid of the trusty V and upgrade to the Elite. The phones going back tomorrow.
  5. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    Most of the cons in your list seemed negligible or easily mitigated. Seemed your only issue was the Audubon guides. I don't know if the are embedded in the executables, or in fact files, i.e. jpgs, pdfs, etc??

    You don't know if they can be put on the SIM or not? Have you tried?

    What is different than the OV is the OV only has 179MB of internal memory and most of it was used on my OV, and was constantly uninstalling programs. You can get around part of that by having a lot of the programs write to memory, but you are only left with a small amount of RAM to actually run programs in.

    The Elite by comparison has 2GB of internal memory in addition to the system memory. I have installed over 100 programs on my Elite and I still have 1.88GB of internal memory and I still have 296MB of system memory, more than the OV starts without before you install anything.

    Sounds like you could install the Audubon program on the phone 3 times and still have more space left than the OV.

    Since you can always go backwards, I don't think it is worth staying with the OV, but then we are all entitled to our choices.

    I think the 1GHz Elite with NFC and bigger screen is more than enough reason to keep the Elite and put the OV on the chopping block.:D
  6. elgecko

    elgecko Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong I like the phone. As much as I like to upgrade electronics, I just can not justify the $130 for this phone when the little V's alive and kicking a$$.

    Link2SD is a great program. Have a ton of apps on the V, never had to uninstall or reinstall with using it.

    If my little V died tomorrow, I would get the Elite....
  7. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    The problem is, that no matter what rabbits I pulled out of the hat, the OV became too loggy for me. Had a fast 32GB SD, IFO ROM, all kinds of tweaks, but there were still times it just refused to function as it was bogged down doing something. Trying to use Navigation became a nightmare.

    I was just asking for too much from the phone, and my brief stint with the Triumph was a miserable failure due to the poor radio/GPS chip. When I thought there were no other options, I bought a Galaxy S II and was prepared to abandon my $25 plan and VM and get the $30 T-Mo plan. Already had the SIM and was ready to rock with it when I finally gave up on the OV.

    I have been a diehard OV defender, and even bought a couple for friends, but after awhile, I just asked too much of it, beyond it's ability to run properly, or even at all.

    Since the Triumph was not an option, this chance to get the Elite was my only hope to keep my $25 plan and have a satisfactory option. I can give up a couple things like hotspot to have a phone that at least can run the apps I want to run.
  8. elgecko

    elgecko Well-Known Member

    I was trying really hard to keep $130.00 in my pocket by taking the phone back finding things I did not like.... The more I played the more I liked....
    So I failed. :(
    I just activated the Elite keeping my $25.00 a month plan. :D
  9. axelxbc

    axelxbc Well-Known Member

    You will not regret it! Besides you could easily sell your Optimus V on craigslist for around $80. I just sold mine for $80 and bought it on sale for $80 at Target! As a "whole" I would give the phone a solid 9.5/10 the only three things that would make this phone perfect is a front facing camera, dual core processor, and larger screen. Even without those features I can say the phone is easily worth the $129. I can't complain tho since I kept my $25 plan! Also the 1Ghz processor was a surprise bonus. :)
  10. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    Understand, but like what was just said, by the time you sell your OV, you are paying $5 a month for a year to pay back for the new phone...that is like your plan temporarily going to $30 for a year, not so bad to have the new Elite. For me it stretches the time before my $25 plan will no longer be sufficient.
  11. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    They go for that or less NIB on ebay

    Used in good shape OV with a clean ESN are going for $30-$40 all day long on ebay. [there are so many for sale, bid wars don't happen]

    I got one for $27.25 shipped friday.
  12. axelxbc

    axelxbc Well-Known Member

    Well I wasn't kidding when I said I just sold mine on craigslist for $80. People today are just stupid I guess. Had no idea they were so cheap online tho! Mine was only a month old with everything that was originally packaged (exchanged my old triumph for The OV 2 months ago). If Target didn't have a lame return policy I would of just got my money back! It was still crazy to see people on craigslist in my area selling them for around $60 with only the wall charger and USB cable. That's why I priced mine at $80.
  13. chickdr

    chickdr Member

    I just sold my old Samsung Restore on CL for $25. I would think the OV would be worth a lot more.

    I just activated my OE as well. Couple of things- can you have a digital clock widget on the OE's main screen like the HTC WildfireS?(I had upgraded to a WFS just before the OE came out and like a lot of the HTC features & widgets, but not the crappy 250mb internal memory limit). Someone mentioned a 1GHz processor for the OE- everything I have read says it is 800MHz...
  14. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Try beautiful widgets. I've not used them for a very long time, but there should be something in there for your clock.

    It is advertised at 800mhz but people are reporting that they are clocking in at 1024mhz or 1ghz. I just picked up my Elite, but have not yet opened it, I am waiting for a response from VMUSA about keeping my grandfathered plan if I have to replace my elite because of a defective unit. I'll probably keep it either way, but I just want to know for sure.
  15. chickdr

    chickdr Member

    Thanks for the info on widgets! I had not heard about the processor running faster than advertised.
    Everything I have read says if you break/lose/change smart phones after May 27th, it will cause your plan to swap to $35/mth. I activated my Optimus today so I could play with it and see if I like it better than the WFS and switch back if I don't like it(still keeping my $25 plan).
  16. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    Doesn't matter what is written, what is yours? Run any of the popular tests to check such as Quadrant, Antutu, CPU Performance, et al.

    I already wrote phonescoop about changing their site to split the Elite from the M+, and it seems even between the Sprint and VM version, although I never heard what they were on Sprint, if Sprint even released it.
  17. chickdr

    chickdr Member

    OK just downloaded Quadrant. For my VM LG OE it said my CPU is 1024 MHz. Maybe they decided to put in 1000 MHz unit just before release rather than the 800MHz stated in the specs?
  18. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    IMO I believe it was a last minute sourcing decision that was a win win for everyone. IMO it meant greater cost savings though this meant that the printed packaging listed incorrect specs.

    So iit could very well be that the cost of purchasing cpus that clocked at 800mhz stable was more expensive than purchasing a higher end cpu that functioned at 1.0. If you know about SODIMM ram and so forth, a lower end memory chip costs more to purchase than a higher end.
  19. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    I have been waiting for someone else to comment on the test that indiciated the RAM was actually 32GB but 16GB was disabled, that is if I remember the numbers right.

    This would be taking your comment a step further. If a 32GB part was currently cheaper than a 16GB, they could buy it and disable it. Imagine if we could access 32GB of RAM
  20. taha1112

    taha1112 Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about? Only high end PCs have that much RAM. The high end HTC One X only has 1 GB of RAM.
    The Elite only has 512 MB of RAM with around ~200 MB going to the GPU, thats why only ~300 is available to the user, same as the Triumph.
  21. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    My 32GB comment was a mistake. It does seem the Elite has more than 512K, especially when using the Disk Usage appliction. It shows 1GB of memory containing system data and applications.

    I can't remember what the phone showed for RAM available before installing anything but it should have been more than 300 as I have that much left after installed over 100 programs.

  22. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    On phone storage it shows 1.86gb on the internal memory and another about 860mb on available memory. The second one is where your downloaded apps go by default. I believe you can then move them to internal memory, giving you almost 3 gigs of memory.
  23. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried to move anything yet, other than from the SD to the internal memory to install a program.

    It is my understanding that ringtones, mp3, videos, etc. go to you physical SD, or can be told to, keeping the RAM for applications and not media.
  24. Robertdol

    Robertdol Member

    I have been having loopback problems on my Elite on 3g. I finally got
    escalated to higher tech support at corporate. They tried to reset my
    phone and kept getting an error. Now they are telling me the error
    message states that the Elite is not compatible with the $25 plan.

    The only way to fix it is to switch to the new plan and they would give
    me a $35 credit for one month for free service, however, my next bill
    would be at the new rate of $35.

    I've asked them to talk to a higher up since all the due diligence I put into
    this issue before buying the phone. They said call back tomorrow for an

    I told them I bought the phone at Wallmart and they have a 14 day
    return policy on prepaid phones so would VM refund the money since
    I was still within 30 days. They told me NO since I did not buy it from

    I'm glad I saved my Optimus V. Looks like it's the only way to keep
    my $25 plan. I'll know for sure tomorrow.

    I had a feeling that VM might pull this. I even explained that their
    Public Relations stated that the Elite would be grandfathered in if
    switched before the 27th. And that it was stated on the facebook wall.
    That didn't have any effect since the new policy is in effect in the
    database at VM and so far, no one will override the issue.

    Heads up!

    Well I finally worked with Tier 3 support. They said the looping and slow
    3g speed was because the Elite must be on the $35 plan. Just wasn't worth
    the extra money for the monthly plan and, If I'm going to pay more, I want
    more phone like the 4G or other phones coming out.

    Anyway, glad I saved my OV. I had them hook me back into my current plan
    with the OV and my 3g data speed went from under 1oo kb to over 520 Kb with
    the OV. Sitting in the same spot.

    I hope you guys can keep your GF plan. They were going to give me one month
    free if I kept the Elite, but then the next month would be $35 going forward.

    Returned the Elite to the store just under the wire for a refund.

    Even when I showed VM 3 separate postings on the VM facebook wall that
    stated they would honor the grandfathered plan, they just kept stating that
    phones released after May 1st, MUST be on the new plan.

    Sorry for the heads up, but maybe some of you can keep your GF plan if
    that is important to you as it is for me.
  25. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member


    Not having dealt with a loopback, I don't know what you are dealing with, but if is a phone problem, couldn't it be swapped, and if it is a network problem, they are obligated to provide the service you paid for.

    Seems like a network issue and a billing situation are getting intermingled for some reason which is inexplicable to me?

    I would keep yelling until they get your Elite working!

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