New LG Optimus M (MS690) - Root Achieved!

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  1. alvthegreat

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  2. you could copy it to your phones SD card, then install it on the phone itself.

    Under settings> applications> manage applications> you should be able to install from the SD Card.
  3. alvthegreat

    alvthegreat New Member

    This just isnt working for me... i juss dont know where to put it in my phone.. theres alot of files that mean nothing and now im realizing everything i download is getting saved on my phones memory and not my 16 gb sd card... what am i doin wrong? debugging? like is there some prerrequistes to this process?
  4. alvthegreat

    alvthegreat New Member

    okk so i juss downloaded it straight from the xda site on my phone but it says content not supported.. anyone know whats up wit that
  5. yeah, you just hit OK and it installs.


    all the apps you dowload that are not from the android market will say its not a supported app.
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  6. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Well-Known Member

    Another reason to root your phone. LG says they have no plans to upgrade Optimus to 2.3 Gingerbread. They SAY it's because it only has a 600MHz processor and Gingerbread need 1GHz CPU. Others who know how Gingerbread works say that's bogus -- there's no minimum requirements and one 800 MHz phone is already in line for 2.3 upgrade.

    AND a guy on the Android development team says Gingerbread has similar hardware requirements to Froyo.

    Another new article states Android 2.3 is known to run faster on most devices that can already handle 2.2, since it has better management of background apps and makes better use of memory and the hardware.

    So, LG may "correct" their mis-statement about technical limitations but that does not mean they have to push 2.3 out to owners.

    However, if you root your phone, you can install 2.3 yourself!

    LG’s Optimus One line apparently won’t get Android Gingerbread

    LG’s Optimus One line apparently won’t get Android Gingerbread Unwired View

    LG falsely claims Optimus won't get Android 2.3 due to CPU

  7. Rugburn

    Rugburn New Member

    Hello all, I'm new to this subject. I just got my LG Optimus M phone today, and like many of you, I want to remove the bloatware. Just a couple of things I need to be clear before proceeding with my root. I understand what Android Mate does. But..

    z4root <--is this the actual app that will root my phone?

    One person posted this "OK, after installing Root Explorer and mounting the /system/app directory with read/write access I was able to remove all the bloatware."

    My question is, if Root Explorer can read/write, why would I need z4root?

    After watching some videos on how to do this, I decided to give it a try. I succesfully removed these apps (listed below) from my phone. I only had one problem and that was with Boingo Wifi. I had stopped it from running, but then it started itself again and when I deleted the apk, it froze the phone. A simple restart fixed it. I want thank the community for having valuable info on this subject. 99% of what I needed was here.

    With help from another thread, the apps were:
    MVC.MetroPCS.android02.apk = Virtual Card
    MobileBanking.apk = Mobile Banking
    MobilePosse.apk = MyExtras
    SNS.apk = Facebook for LG, Twitter for LG
    Boingo_Wo-Fi.apk = Boingo WiFi
    Mocospace-1.2.4.apk = Moco Space
    Uno_Demo_LG_MS690.apk = Uno Game
    PGA_Android.apk = Free Games
    LGMS690_MetroPCS_EasyWiFi_V4.0.90.apk = Easy Wifi
    MPCS-MobileIM- = MobileIM
    PEX- = Pocket Express
    z7-android2x.apk= Mail@Metro
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  8. surfratz

    surfratz Active Member

    Thanks Mike... Great Thread worked like a charm. Also for the emails tips at work :)
  9. Dr0idGuy

    Dr0idGuy New Member

    I agree, Everything Worked 100% for me.
    I want to say thanks to everyone on here for the Help an tips.
    I am not new to Android phones I had a T-Mobile G1 right when it came out, but then again none of this crazy talk about Rooting an blah blah was much of interest to me or others. As a matter of fact when the G1 came out I had noo idea about rooting. Unfortunately I Didn't last very long due to $$$ lol but yea now am back in the Game haha
    Soo many questions so many things to do on a Rooted Android!

    Any tips, tricks, or just plain Cool Stuff to do on my Rooted LgOptimusM pls let me know, I would really appreciate it. THANKS!!!
  10. The Korben Dallas

    The Korben Dallas Well-Known Member


    1. If I temp root my phone and remove all the crapware - will it come back in an OTA Update? And will it be ok to uninstall all the tools I used?

    2. If I perm root my phone - Is it ok to remove all the tools I used to remove the crapware? And will the crapware come back in an OTA Update?

    3. I've got z4root, Android Mate, and will buy root explorer if I have to, but what about the program Super Manager by Gpc? looks like it does the same for free...

    Note: I have tried z4root temp root - then opened Root.Explorer.v2.5.1.apk but I found no "click Read/Write in order to actually delete something."

    How about a step by step 1,2,3,4 etc guide?

  11. The Korben Dallas

    The Korben Dallas Well-Known Member

    Actually, I could live with the crapware on my LG M - but that farking Boingo Wi-Fi is driving me nuts...

    It notifies me every farking 15 minutes that there is a Boingo Wi-Fi available... Yes, I live next to a "Boingo Wi-Fi" spot apparently - Not to mention I Work next to one too.

    I'm going crazy !!!
  12. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

    The "Mount R/W" button at the top should work....
  13. The Korben Dallas

    The Korben Dallas Well-Known Member

    I must have the wrong version of root explorer

    I have: v2.10.3 and v2.5.1
  14. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

    I have 2.10.2
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  15. Yeah and on top of that Boingo is a paid service they want you to sign upp for.
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  16. The Korben Dallas

    The Korben Dallas Well-Known Member

    Thanks to MikesToolz & edgchon - Got it Done!

    Now to get rid of:

    metroBACKUP - not sure what file names in /system these are.

    Also changed PowerOn.mp3 to Droid.mp3

    What I've learned today I can help my other friends who also bought the LG M... :)
  17. Download the app named android Mate.

    with this app you will get a list of all installed apps. Just hold your finger on the app in the list until a menu pops up, select properties. It will give you the exact file location of that app.

    Let me know what it is when you find out, I'll add it to my list. I dont have it any more, i deleted them all before making a list of bloatware apps.
  18. The Korben Dallas

    The Korben Dallas Well-Known Member

    I only did the temp root today, I will do it again soon and post the filename here.

    Speaking of temp root - Why permanent root your LG M if you can temp root it?
  19. miariver

    miariver Member

    Hey guys first of all thanks for this forum is really the bomb, i thank yesterday was a link with this z4root file ziped attached here some ware, but i cant find now do you guys no anything about???
  20. JTHV83

    JTHV83 Member

    Hey fellas newbie here,

    First off, if it weren't for me stumbling onto this site a few days ago I wouldn't even no that is was possible to root a phone... much less my first Droid. So thanks to you guys for schooling me to real world of phonage... LOL

    After reading and following advices here, this is what I've done...

    1. Dl'd z4root from a third party... cus when I dl'd it from the dev site I got an error message saying that I didn't have an app to open the file to install it.

    2. Dl'd Android Mate

    3. Purchased Root Explorer... now here's where my problem lies... I see on YouTube video's and screenshots that the app is supposed to have a get "mount" button that allows you make the system/app file R/RW... my app doesn't have this button...

    So what do I do now???

    Any help is appreciate. ThxThx
  21. Ren Forte

    Ren Forte Member

    I recently got the optimus m and rooted the phone per the directions on this forum and now the sounds/notifications/ringtones will no longer play. The phones speaker still worrks when I make/receive phonecalls.
    Anybody know what might have happened? I appreciate any help that you can offer.
  22. miariver

    miariver Member

    hey guys i find the z4root 1.3.0. on the link below, i was lost between all this info, thanks any way

    Junior Member

    Do any one knows where to download free or not the ROOT EXPLORER I didn&#8217;t find any trusted site yet, I just need a link please
  23. JTHV83

    JTHV83 Member

    Guys, I've found that I wasn't rooted. I guess the version of z4root that igot from a 3rd party site didn't root my phone at all.thus the reason root explored didn't have the rw button... Since I'm now rooted I've been erasing metro's bloatware like a mad man... However, does anyone know where I can get the "droit" animation for startup? I'd be complete if I had the droid startup anime with the droid mp3 sound along with it... Any takers???
  24. Ren Forte

    Ren Forte Member

    Also, when ever I try to play a video from my SD card, it says It can't play the selected file, when before I rooted the phone, the same videos I had selected played fine.

    I only deleted some of the metro PCS bloatware, and the PowerOn.mp3.

    Should I do a system restore?
  25. miariver

    miariver Member

    dude I just save the file on my computer desktop then i attached the file on my hotmail and send to myself and open my email on my LG OPTIMUS M i click on the attachment and stating to down load i push the top window down to the progress of the download when finish I click on ask me to install I click yes and put on site down load the same way the others 2 app as say above when I finish with all 3 then I ask to root permanent with the z4 - I never done nothing of this before, so if i get done any one can do it :D

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