New lgl45c cwm

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  1. jackv4

    jackv4 Well-Known Member

    this is the cwm recovery compiled from source by is only for the LGL45C...Cant stress that enough not for the p690 or pxxx models

    also the v5.0.28 has sdcard partioning

    v6.0.1.2 has no sdcard partioning

    you can choose which you like best...

    put on root of your sdcard ...

    make sure the file name is recovery.img

    now download

    this is the flash_image file to to flash the recovery..
    unzip it should have the name flash_image
    use root explorer to copy the file to /system/bin
    open term emulator get su rights and cd to /system/bin and type chmod 0755 flash_image
    now cd back to /
    still with su rights type flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
    if no output... wahoo.... if you get error start over

    So thats it it better becouse the old CWM was Ported from The Optimus Q so yay Enjoy :D:p

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  2. desearcher

    desearcher New Member

    Links appear broken. I'm guessing the "..." in the links are messing with the downloads?
  3. 4218kris

    4218kris Member

    i guess i bricked... will not boot past the lg logo.

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