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New member here...BOOTLOOP on MyTouch 4G...seeking advice, please help!Support

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  1. kinderutz

    kinderutz New Member

    Hi there,
    my MT4G that i just got off ebay worked great for 2 days....on the third morning i found it shut off(was left plugged into the PC overnight to charge)....turned it on...stuck on my touch home screen....nothing ...nothing...i pulled the battery and all it does is comes on(vibrates once) but gets stuck at the home screen.....then shuts off....then back on and so on...sometimes it just sits on that screen until i pull the battery out.

    sep 27 2010, 11:12:59

    Recovery doesn't work, factory reset doesn't work, after lots of hours of research i put PD15IMG.ZIP on the SD card and tried to load it...finds it, blue progress bar goes all the way at the top....then it says checking pd15img file....then nothing happens....goes back into the bootloader menu.....after more research i found out it's because of the "S-ON"....many hours later i can't seem to figure out how to turn it off , i installed ADB and it does not see the phone(stuck on home screen) when connected to the PC but if i start up the phone in fastboot it says "fastbootusb" and if i type "fastboot devices" in ADB it shows me a serial number which i assume it's my device.
    That's as far as i got.
    Please advise, i really apreciate your help.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,

  2. soopacee

    soopacee Member

    call tmobile and get it replaced....seriously

    there is not much hope when problems start on this phone

    my 1st phone....same problem as you.....they replaced it after a bunch of "battery pulls" and "resets"

    2nd phone....stuck on hboot screen....i didnt go there, it went there by itself...."battery pulls" and "resets" (even though it was stuck on that screen).....replaced phone

    im gettin my 3rd on tomorrow....cant wait to see what problems i have with this one
  3. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    You need to read a little more closely. The op said he got the phone off eBay. T-Mobile is not going to replace a phone they did not provide in the first place.
  4. feco6902

    feco6902 Member

    Buy a new battery online my phone did the same thing until i broke down and bought i havent had. Problem with my phone since
  5. feco6902

    feco6902 Member

    I had the same problem with my phone too. App i did Is i bought a new battery online and i havent. Had the problem since then .

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