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    I just ordered my new Skyrocket. It should be here tomorrow. I'm moving up from the Captivate. The Captivate was a good phone for me, top of the line in it's time. I had very few issues with it. It still works, so I'm giving it to the wife. This will be my third smart phone, the first was a Samsung Epic (Windows 6.1). I'm looking forward to learning my new phone and sharing tips and tricks on the forum.


  2. olbriar

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    Congrats on the new Skyrocket. It's very popular. We have a great area set up just for discussing the Skyrocket. The owners of the phone hang out there and do just as you advocated.. sharing tips and tricks. Below is a link to the area. I hope you will drop in and gain and share. Have fun and thanks for joining the community.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Android Forums

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