New Meme-Based Game: Kitten Vs. Zombie

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  1. Sean_Kelly

    Sean_Kelly Member

    Hello Androidforums,

    I just recently released a new game into the Android Market (Google Play) called "Kitten Vs. Zombie".

    Story and characters used in the game are heavily influenced by internet pop-culture including characters such as Pedobear, Domo, and Awesome Face (all in zombie form), Dr. Trollface and his assistant Forever Alone, as well as playable characters Nyancat, Speedycat, and Breadcat.

    The premise of the game is to kill the most zombies possible before they destroy you. As you kill more zombies you increase your high score, but also earn yourself "Internets" which can be used by Dr. Trollface to bring back other playable characters ( cats ).

    There should be updates coming out fairly soon that will bring more levels, more characters and even minigames!

    Hope you guys enjoy!

  2. Sean_Kelly

    Sean_Kelly Member

    Just released the first minor update to the game, it now uses way less memory in storage space then before!

    Download it in the Android Market or scan the code below!

  3. Sean_Kelly

    Sean_Kelly Member

    New Update: V0.5.1

    Got the new update up and running bringing lots of needed changes!

    - New Levels and Level Select
    - Updated Graphics
    - Mini Games!


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