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  1. Jim101

    Jim101 New Member

    I just bought a NookColor for my wife and she wants an app. that she has on her android phone on the Nook.
    My question is, she bought the app. for .99, Yatzee, how can I move it to the Nook? I have a Thrive so I understand how androids work, but, how do I locate the APK on her phone? Then I guess I copy it to my PC then copy it to her Nook? Even then how to I run it?
    Nice looking board, I'll be using it for my Thrive as well...


  2. efeigenbaum

    efeigenbaum Well-Known Member

    You can't copy the app to the Nook. You'll have to look for it on the B&N app store and see if it's available for the Nook Color.
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    If you install CM7 or CM9 on your NC, replacing the stock rom, then any paid app you have in Market (now called Play Store) will be available. The B&N app store makes you buy it again. It all depends on what you want, a reader that can do other things or a tablet, that could also read books, if you're into that thing.

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