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  1. silverfoxcc

    silverfoxcc Member

    Have just upgraded from HTC wildfire and swopped th Micro SD card across

    1) Cannot find the Andriod apps that are on the card. How do i rectify thia

    2) when i go to the play store app it asks me if i want to 'add a google account' I take it this is the existing that i have.
    I select existing and sign in, it then tells me account/password wrong and go to the website to recover details. which i do. still no luck accessing this. Where am i going wrong? (also applies to my tryig to set up me email account as well, no luck whatsover)

    Any suggestions on what to do. I like the phone but it doesn't seem as user friendly as the wildfire ( esp for grumpy old buggers like me). The online user manual is a bit confusing as well. ie tells you to go to 'notifications' screen ,but where is it!!

    Any asitance really appreciated


  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi silverfoxcc. Are you certain you didn't typo your account info? Can you log onto your google account.. sync calendar etc? The phone will remember your mistake I'm afraid. Go into your inbox, then press menu, settings, Account List (top menu option!). Go next on your email address, and their is all your setup + password for mail. Check to see is this is the password you are attempting to use at the play store.
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  3. silverfoxcc

    silverfoxcc Member


    Spot on. Thanks.
    Still having small niggles with it which i will try on sort myself, but will keep an eye on her ..just in case

    Thanks again. I was convinced i had it correct!!!

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