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  1. deloris953

    deloris953 New Member

    I was loving my Charge until they updated this new software. I have lost my stunning beach living wallpaper I can't believe they did that the new living wallpaper that they have is crappy. I tried going to the market to see if I can find and app with a similare beach living wallpaper but nothing that remotely compares to what was on the phone when bought. The waves were so lifelike and the shells and starfish were really pretty the water was so clear it felt like you were really at the beach it was so relaxing looking at that at work. This was one of the reasons why I bought this phone, when will they learn to leave a good thing alone!!!!

    Now the web pages float too much this is annoying they should have left this all alone. I noticed Sunday someone sent me a pic tect and it keep saying downloading never saw the pic at all. I saw a post that says reboot the phone how do you do that and will you have to reload again all of your added apps too?

    It seems to be sucking the battery also and I don't use my phone constantly I can charge it late in the evening and ignore it I woke up 2X mornings last week and the phone was dead.......

    I am ready to buy another phone I am so mad right now.....:eek:

  2. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

  3. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck Well-Known Member

    I agree that battery life has been absolutely ruined by the most recent "update." Very disappointing failure. I once was able consistently to get 16 hours with several phone calls and email exchanges; now I lose power at 6 hours of idle (no usage at all). This is execrable.
  4. Shane2943

    Shane2943 Well-Known Member

    It's very easy to flash back to the previous EP4 release but the update message will start up again bugging you to update the phone.

    My advice: flash back to EP4, then root or rom the phone and disable the update message. Or flash an FP1-based rom like Eclipse 2.0.
  5. Droid_Genius

    Droid_Genius Well-Known Member

    Hey I am rooted how do I flash that ROM? in my evo i used to boot into recovery and select the zip the it would update and reboot but it seems different now could you point me in right direction, thanks in advance
  6. Shane2943

    Shane2943 Well-Known Member

    Do you have clockwork mod recovery or the stock recovery? If so, then the process is largly the same as your evo.

    Now if you're wanting eclipsr 2.0, I'm not sure if Eclipse 2.0 can be flashed just from cwm. Might check the eclipse forum to see if you have to be on the fp1 base already to flash eclipse 2.0 through cwm. Otherwise, to flash back to EP4 stock, you'll need a program called Odin (search here. Lots of threads on it) which you will use to flash the stock image on your phone. Once done, your phone will be stock and UNrooted. Load the rom you want onto your sd card (im using eclipse 1.4 and it's slick). Then use Odin to flash clockwork mod recovery to the phone. Then, boot to cwm and load your zip of choice.
  7. mike1942

    mike1942 New Member

    This update does suck. I really liked the animated beach scene and now it has a blue screen with bubbles! How wonderful!! I hate it, also instead of the puzzle to unlock or answer I have that stupid lock on the front and red and green phones.
    The phones I could live with but the beach scene animated is what influenced mo to buy that phone!! THANKS A HELLUVA LOT SAMSUNG! I will buy a Apple next time
  8. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    If you aren't satisfied with everything on the phone you can also root and ROM your phone.

    I also posted the links to the animated beach scene a few posts up.
  9. JagsFan

    JagsFan Member

    So this phone sucks because your wallpaper disappeared? Too funny. The original person to comment was asking how to reboot. Seriously?
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  10. TAGull

    TAGull New Member

    A number of people on other Charge forums have reported that restarting the phone completely three times seems to restore battery life to its pre-update length for those people who saw it drop sharply.
  11. eddhuy

    eddhuy Member

    Prior to the latest update I felt pretty lucky with the Charge. No realy issues to complain about. Since the update, the things they were supposed to fix, started occuring to my phone. I now get static on calls, never did before. I have done lots of battery resets etc. When selecting phone, I now get a blank screen on occasion and have to power cycle at the least to restore function.

    I like the charge and with the extended battery, never worry about having to charge within the same day do to lack of power. Have had it for more than a year with nothing that annoyed me, till the last update.

    i could root, but since I am eligible for an update, think I'll try a new droid razr maxx. I can always come back and root the charge if I don't like it.
  12. GrammieDroid

    GrammieDroid Well-Known Member

    Yes rebooting the phone helped after the update. My battery will go all day and nite on standby. Course if I'm using it it is less but still, before the update it was sucking the life out of my battery in four hours on standby! I'm lovin this update.

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