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New OTA update for 2012?General

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  1. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I was prompted to download an update for the intercept. Of course, since I'm rooted with slapkernel it failed, but does anybody know anything about this? Was it some kind of fluke? I'll be getting a new phone in 3 months anyway, but I am curious.

    I thought I heard someone mention 2.2.3 in another post.

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    the app on the android market OTA voodoo will let you keep your root with OTA updates just a idea to think about.
  3. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Well-Known Member

    Its a security update with a little radio upgrade I think.
    Come join us over at sdx they can answer any questions you might have. They arnt like xda.
  4. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    I took your advice and my post was ignored.

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