New owner- how do I download pictures?Support

  1. dancingfish

    dancingfish New Member

    Sorry if this is a silly question- but I am coming from a blackberry where things seemed alittle less complicated. I took alot of pictures this weekend and wanted to up load the pictures to my computer. But when I connect to the computer via USB there is no "button" to upload. Anyone one to give me a quick tutorial?

  2. Anthony2816

    Anthony2816 Well-Known Member

    The Fascinate's SD card should show up as a drive on your computer, so you can access your pictures from whatever file manager you use on your computer.

    Another way to transfer files between the phone and computer is to install Dropbox on each of them.
  3. s44

    s44 Well-Known Member

    *After* you mount it (from the notification bar after you plug it in).

    But yeah, Dropbox is much smoother and integrates right into the Gallery.
  4. mrfascinate

    mrfascinate New Member

    So what does it mean if when I plug my phone in by USB to my PC I don't get any notifcation to mount in the notification bar? I used to get that option but haven't recently. It's almost like my phone thinks I'm just plugging it into the wall and can't recognize the pc. Any help would be great.

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