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  1. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    First post over here, as I am usually over in the Droid Bionic area (along with Johngalt).

    I am going to be getting a TF700 later today. My wife surprised me with a tablet for my birthday yesterday and got the right brand but the wrong model (TF300), so I am going to exchange it.

    My first question concerns the JB update. I've read through the posts on this forum concerning the update, and while I have mixed feelings about it, I plan install it right away. I'm thinking that once I get the unit up and running I'll immediately download and install the update and then do a full reset before adding any apps or customizing in any way. My logic comes from my experience updating a Droid Bionic from GB to ICS less than a week ago. It seemed that the factory reset was necessary to make ICS run as intended. So the question is, how would others would proceed regarding the JB update with a fresh, out of the box device?

    My second question concerns an extended warranty. My wife purchased the TF300 at Best Buy so I will be doing my exchange there. Over the years I have purchased laptops from Best Buy and have always also purchased their PSP warranty. In the last 15 or so years, I have had three laptops replaced outright either as a result of issues that were covered or as a result of the plan's "no lemon" clause. I've read a number of reviews that addressed problems with the TF700 screen-either the glass cracking or internal display related issues. I'm also wondering if it would be covered under warranty if the unit doesn't respond properly or at all after the JB update is attempted. Given these considerations, is $100 for the extended warranty worth it on a $600 device?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    question #1
    i would just do the JB update. there is no need to do a factory reset as it is already reset to just go for it.

    i would highly recommend that you get the geek squad protection from best buy. it will cover screen issues. and if you have any issues when you do the JB update, you can still take in to best buy under the gsp protection. plus you have the 30 days return and exchange policy. so if JB is not working right within the time frame then you can bring it back
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  3. siggy1964

    siggy1964 Well-Known Member

    Best buy took my Prime in and upgraded me to the Infinity when JB locked up my Prime. Even trade. It was still under factory warranty, just barely. It could have been because the guy behind the counter was pretty cool. I dunno but he made me happy and happy customers are return customers.
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  4. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    I exchanged the TF 300 for a TF700 earlier today. Also bought the extended warranty. New unit is now charging. Thanks for the advice!
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  5. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    yeah thank god for the gsp or i would have been up poop creek as i tripped over my dumb dog and shattered my prime. i used my gsp and they gave me the infinity as the prime was a deleted sku(meaning they did not carry it any more).

    glad for both of you guys. i love my infinity.
  6. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    After letting it charge until the LED turned green I turned the TF700 on for the first time last night. I checked for updates and it downloaded and prompted me to do one. After playing with it for awhile I checked again and there was a second one so I downloaded and installed it as well. I'm guessing it was JB as I am now on Android version 4.1.1. So far I must say I love this new tablet. Only (minor) complaint is some very slight screen flickering when transitioning between apps. It seems to be more noticeable when viewing something with a white background.
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  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    hmmmm i do not seem to have that issue.

    the first OTA was the JB OTA. the second one was a small update that helped to fix some minor bugs from the JB OTA.
  8. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    I went into Settings/Device/ASUS Customized Setting/Power Management and unchecked Enable smart backlight adjuster. The flickering is gone.
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