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  1. di1966wb

    di1966wb New Member

    Hi, just signed up with dodo and recieved a pendo pad, never heard of one so I thought would be fun to use. Well it's NOT! How the hell do you get the wireless broadband to work?

    At the moment I'm looking through the 28 page instruction manual I downloaded.

    Anyone who has used this pad, please any suggestions would be great

  2. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    WIFI go to app drawer, settings, wireless and networks, wifi turn on, wifi settings and find the one you want. OR for 3G dongle connect to usb closest to the headphone port go into settings, wireless and networks, active mobile network and click mobile network settings :)
  3. acnb08

    acnb08 New Member

    i need help i received my pendo pad on friday and already want to throw it against a wall i finally got the broadband to work but how do i transfer files from my computer to the pad? my computer wont pick the pendo up.... and when i received my pendo pad i pulled it out of the box and the corner back cover was broken at least 3cm of the corner is missing.. is the back cover easily replaced?
  4. pendont

    pendont New Member

    there are 2 mini usb on the pendo and you should have a cable with the device you can use. i have tried other cables and no luck but the short cable that comes with works and loads drivers so you can transfer or you could just fill up a micro sd with stuff and connect that aswell.

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