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  1. Royale57

    Royale57 New Member

    Ok So. I was long time VZW customer but Had a dumbphone.

    It finally started breaking So i got myself this phone

    The Hydro, Really like it.

    I mean first smartphone though so I have basically no Fracking clue what im doing.

    Figured out how to get PDAnet running at home So I got net on my PC.
    But screwed up. Didn't realize my Steam account and Utorrent had stuff waiting so it whacked me good one night.. Just got the phone on like 4th or 5th. and I've used like 3.5gb of data.

    I'm assuming thats bad.
    Cause i'm quite positive I'm getting data rated through the day.
    About midnight it unlocks or something and i have i guess what would be 3g speeds. I noticed before i killed everything in utorrent that at night it was roughly right around 135kbs. bout thats only good from like 12pm to 8am. And then the data rate just falls to the floor. literally i don't think i get more than 20kbs. and its very intermittent. I mean just web browsing.. gets frustrating.

    And like basically I got this one game i like to play. its old school Everquest on a private server... This game is extremely light on data. I mean i played for roughly 5 hours the other night and it only used about 25mbs..

    So the stupid downloads through steam and utorrent that i didnt realize were going really hurt me.

    So... What I wanna ask and hopefully get some answers too.
    First off. What do I need to know about Data caps and rates. and "unlimited" Being a boost customer..
    Secondly.. Is there any way to get around this Daytime data rate?
    I have poor reception in my bedroom with this phone even at night.. And I was Reading some of stingrays posts and others here in the Hydro forums about PRL updating and such.
    It sounds really confusing and the Root whatever i dont even know about that..

    What can you guys tell me about getting a strong signal? and at least like.. a steady 56k or something during the daytime i mean I'm not even ask'n fr the full 3g true speed. cause like said if its Roaming then i can only get like 300mbs before boost is gonna be on my ass?

    Sooo.. What can I do. Cause during the day normal people hours.. I can hardly do anything on the net and basically no games at all...

  2. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Not to be funny but if you want very good like you asking stand out front of the store fast great and clear .the throttle is on and that causes your phone to flop it will move slow till the next month when your billing cycle is up ... give you a free tip if you have wifi at your house ... turn the wifi on the phone to keep your data low it will move faster on wifi and keep low data usage so you wont reach the cap spot wifi at home turn on the wifi on your phone it will work faster and do the same and save you data usage.
  3. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    unlimited data for boost means u get 2.5Gb, per month, at up to full speed. after the limit is reached you do still get 3g but slower data transfer speeds.

    to update and hopefully fix your PRL (preferred roaming list aka which towers your phone should use), go to settings:system update:update prl

    may as well check for updates for profile, firmware, and kyocera software as well in the same menu.

    root access basicly allows you to access root level files and apps that are hidden or restricted from normal users with normal unrooted phones.(for windows users, in the path C:/Windows/documents and settings/...etc, C:/ is the root or base folder)
    for techies that means we can reprogram the device any way we see fit rather than having to settle for the crap boost mobile allows us to have. i hope this helps.
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  4. Royale57

    Royale57 New Member


    I guess basically what I was asking in reference to the PRL and rooting questions.

    Is.. I did try the update prl through the phone and it did update. But I honestly don't think that did anything considering that I'm sitting in the same chair I sat in when I activated it. And i'm sure if just reconnected to boost's prl. seeing as its the stock phone update ability.

    So My question concerning root regarding the prl is.
    If somehow. I managed to root this thing. That would give me better access to the prl files themselves? And I could manually update it to.

    Well I guess it would be a corporate sprint prl? The have pretty good coverage in my area. not as good as VZW.. But what I'm asking is.
    If its the sprint corporate prl. Does it incur that 300mb red flag?

    And.. Would any of that affect my data rate.
    or is the data rate. period end of story you downloaded more than 2.5gb your net is gonna suck ass during the day till next month no matter what you do?

    Basically I just want to know if I can get this data rate thing off my back. And I learned my lesson bout downloading things so i'll be much more discreet in the future with how much data Im actually using.

    Dang first smartphone. didnt understand some things about how data works.
    Oh and .. Eff'n HULU holy crap one night i was like meh can't see anything on netflix. so i watched a show on hulu. holy... 1.2gb just to watcha 45min show. I about rolled when i got up the next morning and saw that. Was like wellll.. can't fall asleep watching movies anymore..

    And just some more back information. The reason I don't just flip on the wi-fi and hit my houses wireless is cause some stuff happened with my DSL and right now i don't have household broadband..
    So I'm only able to get online with my phone right now.

    No games.. no facebook n stuff.. goin stir crazy.
  5. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    sorry but you're stuck with choked speeds until your next billing cycle unless you can get your dsl back on. since boost mobile is sprint's prepaid service, the prl the phone downloads is the sprint prl you speak of.
    to the best of my knowledge boost doesnt cap roaming data because it wouldnt be able to charge customers for data used over the cap. i could be wrong but i believe that extra charge for roaming data over 300mb is only a sprint contract plan policy. i would however expect them to slow down your speed same as the monthy 2.5gb policy. i dont know too much about the prl as far as making changes. hopfully one of the devs will weigh in on this subject.
  6. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    You not done yet you can top off with buying some data minutes just call boost. Or feel free to visit radioshack , bestbuy, 7eleven or wawa to buy a card and follow the directions and you can do it online with a credit or debit card what ever you dont use will roll over til the next month when you fall low .....

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