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New phone, old apps don't show upSupport

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  1. Montuhotep

    Montuhotep Well-Known Member

    Got a replacement DX today. My purchased and non purchased apps didn't load, and when I go to the market, they don't show up as purchased. anyone know why? Everything was backed up.

  2. sund0wn

    sund0wn Well-Known Member

    they usually dont load as far as i know, but they should show purchased.
    how did you go about backing them up?

    go to google.com/checkout ... there will be a list of everything you have purchased. if they are in that list, you wont have to pay for them again. if they DO charge you again, let google know. they will refund it.
  3. Montuhotep

    Montuhotep Well-Known Member

    Back up assistant, and the customer service agent also confirmed my apps were backed up before doing a hard reset. Also, ALL apps are supposed to reload, as they did when I went from my D1 to the DX, then did a hard factory reset on my old DX. Everything reloaded each time. They are also supposed to show purchased.
  4. sund0wn

    sund0wn Well-Known Member

    backup assistant doesnt back up apps. it only backs up contacts.
  5. Montuhotep

    Montuhotep Well-Known Member

    I didnt know that, but the fact still remains that my apps have always automatically restored. Also, I read that they are supposed to restore automagically.
  6. ArthurIhde

    ArthurIhde Well-Known Member

    I think apps will restore automagically[​IMG]
  7. Montuhotep

    Montuhotep Well-Known Member

    Ok, figured it out. Evidentally, when you sign in to all your Google accounts (i have 5), which ever one you sign into first, is the one that your phone recognizes as the primary account for both all downloads, and your G-talk account. I had to do a factory reset so that I could load my "primary" account FIRST. Never knew there was a primary. tech support didn't even know. I figured it out when she told me to go to the google recovery website. Just put 2 & 2 2gether and got 22! Tech support said she would put in a request that tells people to sign in to their primary accounts FIRST because they can only be changed with factory reset, and that it should be explained WHAT your primary account is.
  8. neo4life

    neo4life New Member

    Best Buy set up a new gmail account to set up my EVO. A week later, my EVO is determined to be a lemon. I go into Best Buy, exchange phone, and now I have no clue what my primary gmail account name is. How do I get back the over $100 in applications I bought this week? I have followed every suggestion, and now, will dispute on my bank card. But that requires me to get a new card, etc. Anyone I can talk to? Anyone want a quick buck? I would rather know how to do this, then go through the hassle of rebuying and then disputing with Google.

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