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  1. jal101

    jal101 New Member

    Can anyone tell me what the weird symbol in the notification bar mean it's only there when I'm not pulling the bar down and when I do pull the bar down it goes away. Looks like a solid square with a new N in it but the N looks italic any suggestions?ps. Just got the note 3 today nt900

  2. Paul7876

    Paul7876 Well-Known Member

    Any chance you could post a screenshot? Either swipe the edge of your hand across the screen if that's activated, or hold down home and power at the same time
  3. TomAGibb

    TomAGibb VIP Member VIP Member

    I believe what you are referring to is the Near Field Connection (NFC) connection.
    You can double swipe down and it should show the NFC functionality as active and have that symbol.
    Just un-select it to deactivate it and it should go away. Only turn it on when you need it.
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  4. jal101

    jal101 New Member

    Thanks bro that's exactly what it was!!
  5. Paul7876

    Paul7876 Well-Known Member

    Did that solve it? I'm curious because I just switched on NFC and had nothing new in the notification bar
  6. Paul7876

    Paul7876 Well-Known Member

    Never mind. Just saw the previous answer :)
  7. Gags111

    Gags111 Active Member

    For some strange reason some versions of the Note 3 do not display the "N" icon when NFC is enabled.
    Mine doesn't and my firends doesnt either but it still works.

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