New phone... What to do? Opinions please!

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  1. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I am in the market for a new phone... I was gonna pick up a Galaxy SII but I have decided to wait for the Nexus Prime as it's going to better and run stock Ice Cream Sandwich. But I then started thinking that by the start of next year we will be seeing a Galaxy SIII at either CES of Mobile World Congress and it will be avaliable at around May if not earlier. There are already a few leaks and opinions on what the galaxy SIII will be like and it will be even better than the Nexus Prime.

    So my dilema is, Should I get a Nexus Prime when its out (and that will be the best smartphone for around 6 months) or should I wait that time, run my current phone on SIM only and then get one of the new superphones next year like the Galaxy SIII or something else if HTC come out with something amazing? Then if I do that it will be around 6 months till the 2012 nexus, so whatever I do the phone I get will be the best for 6 months... Im just not sure if I want the Nexus or an actual Samsung branded phone like the SIII.

    Thing is the Samsungs and HTCs that are released at that start of the years such as the Galaxy SII and HTC Desire (which is what I have now) always seem to be better and more popular than the Nexus phones and they win awards for phone of the year like the Desire did last year and Galaxy SII did this year, and the Nexus devices never do... However they do have a nice stock build of Android, quick updates and fast software.

    Sorry that was a lot to take in but what are your thoughts and what do you think I should do?

    Any input is welcome, my brain is fried with all this thinking lol.

    THANKS IN ADVANCE! :):rolleyes::D

  2. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    Well think about it this way, anything you buy will probably be outdated in less than 6 months right? As we all know, something newer and better comes along and the phones get left behind. However, it's not the case with Google. Most phones will stop getting updates after about 6 months or so but with Google's Nexus line, they keep getting updated and their hardware remains fairly high end. Which is why I bought my Nexus S since from what I've heard and now, it will get ICS (and hopefully more after that!) and won't be left in the dust with other phones that are out right now.

    That's basically the long version of saying, if you're going wait to buy a new Android, make it a Nexus since it's one of Google's own. You don't have to wait on your carrier or manufacturer for the next update since Google does it directly. And it's made by Samsung, so that's another plus.

    Wait for the Prime OP. It will remain top of the line for at least a year.
  3. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    okay mate thanks a lot for that :) - its gonna be really good i think :D
  4. Casual Pete

    Casual Pete Well-Known Member

    If you keep waiting for the next best thing you'll be waiting forever.
  5. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    He's right you know ... and besides the fact that it has the latest and greatest versions first ,IT'S EASY TO ROOT [as allways with nexus] and it will be the first to have official support from CyanogenMod ,and with that ROM it will run as fast as let's say ... GS III ,so it's not a bad decision buying a NP...
  6. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    ill see it first but i think ill gett the prime. how do u guys all like ur nexus S's?
  7. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    I just love it running CM 7.1 ,great stability and performance as always thanx to CM team ,love the shapes and durability [dropped it twice from 1m on the floor and it has nothing ,the plastics are very well made] !
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