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New Pro owner

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  1. tattooz

    tattooz Member

    Just got my Pro last week. Coming off a long relationship with the Crackberry but not looking back. Glad I made the switch :D

  2. RadioZero

    RadioZero Active Member

    make sure you do system updates. i bought mine about a week before you and it required 2 system updates. nice improvements. mine is running android 2.2.1 and vz version 3.8.7.xt610

    enjoy the phone, mine's a little laggy but it's a good "work" phone. i check for the the gingerbread update everyday.
  3. tattooz

    tattooz Member

    Thanks, I already rooted and installed GB the day after I got it
  4. baller9

    baller9 New Member

    New to android, i got xt610 a week ago. My problem is sometimes when i press for apps they are flashing so i have to do a Battery pull and that doesn't always work. What's wrong. Thanks in advance.

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